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Appeal a planning decision

The  Planning Inspectorate deals with planning appeals, national infrastructure planning applications, examinations of local plans and other planning related and specialist casework in England and Wales.

Schedule of appeals

The meeting agendas listed contain information on current planning and enforcement appeals.

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Public Inquiries

Land East Of Broad Road/Flat Farm

A public inquiry is due to start on the 4 January 2023 and is scheduled to be completed on the 20 January 2023 in relation to Land East Of Broad Road & Flat Farm.

  • App references: 20/03320/OUT & 20/03321/OUT
  • Appeal references: APP/L3815/W/22/3295000 & APP/L3815/W/22/3295004

View the Public Inquiry core documents

Land Within The Westhampnett

A public inquiry took place on the 3rd of August 2021 in respect of Land Within the Westhampnett.  View the virtual enquiry closing statements for Land South of Clappers Lane  

  • App reference: 20/02824/OUT
  • Appeal reference: APP/L3815/W/21/327

View the Public Inquiry core documents

Old Army Camp

A public Inquiry is due to take place on 18 and 19 October 2022 in respect of Old Army Camp

  • 13/00163/CONWST
  • APP/L3815/C/18/3203219, APP/L3815/C/18/3203222 nad APP/L3815/C/18/3203215



Land East of Priors Orchard

A hearing is due to take place on 19 July 2022 in respect of Land East of Priors Orchard.

  • App reference: 21/03665/FUL 
  • Appeal reference: APP/L3815/W/22/3296444

Chas Wood Nurseries 

A hearing is due to take place on 21 September 2022 in respect of Chas Wood Nurseries. 

  • App reference: 20/01854/OUT
  • Appeal reference: APP/L3815/W/22/3299268

Land East Of Monk Hill

A hearing is due to take place on 5 October 2022 in respect of Land East of Monk Hill.

  • App reference: 20/03164/FUL
  • Appeal reference: APP/L3815/W/22/3293116

Land South of Foxbury Lane

A hearing is due to take place on 18 October 2022 in respect of Land Of Foxbury Farm.

  • App reference  20/01569/FUL
  • Appeal reference APP/L3815/W/22/3301748

Appeals against non-validation

Bethwines Farm

  • App reference: 22/00142/FUL
  • Appeal reference: APP/L3815/W/22/3299202

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