Our wardens are called out nearly every day of the week to seize dogs that have been allowed to run free in public areas without proper control. Most stray dogs are lost pets that need re-uniting with their owners. However, there are some owners who allow their dogs to stray again and again. Stray dogs cause road accidents, nuisance from fouling and attacks on other dogs and people.

Found a stray dog?

The Council has a reception point for stray dogs. If you find a dog, you have a legal obligation to take the dog to the council's reception point.  The reception point is open between 8am and 9pm, 7 days a week to received dogs.  Please ring  01243 576134 to make an appointment.

If you are unable to take a dog to the Council's reception point during office hours (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday) the dog wardens may be able to collect dogs, please ring the Council's switchboard number to report finding a stray - 01243 785166. Or message our  Chichester District Council Facebook page  or our  Chichester District Council Twitter account .

The reception point  is not open to the public to receive or collect strays between 9pm and 8am.

Collecting dogs

If you are coming to collect a dog from the Council's reception point, please contact the kennel directly on 01243 576134.  They are open between 8am and 5pm, 7 days a week.  They may also be able to offer you an appointment between 5pm and 9pm if you ring first depending on staff availability. The reception point is not open to the public to receive or collect strays between 9pm and 8am.  

Lost a dog?

  • During office hours, please ring our main switchboard to, 01243 785166 to report it.
  • Outside of normal office hours (between 8am and 9pm, you can ring the Council's reception point to report it

Environmental Protection Act 1990

Under this act, all local councils are required to have a stray dog service. A stray dog is any dog in a public place on its own.

Any dog found straying may be picked up by the dog warden.  If a member of public finds a stray, they have a duty to take it to the council's stray dog reception point.

Once registered as a stray dog, it will be taken to the kennels until claimed. A dog owner has up to seven days to claim back their pet. The owner will have to pay a fee as well as kennelling charges. The total charges have to be paid in full before a dog can be returned.

Any dog that is not claimed within seven days will be re-homed or passed on to an appropriate rescue organisation. Every effort is made to find new homes for unclaimed strays regardless of age. They would only be put down on our vet's advice. We maintains registers for both lost and found dogs, which help to re-unite dogs and owners.