Chichester City Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

The Chichester City Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan has been adopted and comprises four reports:

Road Safety Group

Information and guidance for cyclists including a guide to safe cycling.

Chichester District has many cycle lanes and signposted routes. The maps in this section are divided into popular commuter routes, leisure rides and mountain biking. We have trained officers to lead rides in the district and public guided leisure rides can be found on our events page.

Planning your journey

Cycle Journey Planner is available online to aid you in planning your cycle route. It is a powerful tool hosted by West Sussex County Council and incorporates cycle routes across the country. Routes displayed have alternative route possibilities (fastest, balanced and quietest options), show elevation profiles, step by step instructions and more! Sustrans also has an interactive map for planning journeys.

It should be noted that some cycle routes follow 'permissive paths' rather than public bridleways or other rights of way. A permissive path is not a right of way but is a path which an owner has given the public permission to use. The permission may be withdrawn at any time and sometimes it will be temporarily withdrawn (ie for a farmer to move stock). If a route is temporarily blocked please respect the landowner's right to close the route and find an alternative route.

Comments or complaints about cycle lanes:

On-highway cycle infrastructure is West Sussex County Council's responsibility and if you have complaint about those then please contact  West Sussex County Council . Other cycle paths such as those in car parks, parks and those within the South Downs National Park Authority and Sustrans routes may be the responsibility of other bodies including Chichester District Council.