The Housing Act 2004 requires local authorities to licence certain houses in multiple occupation. Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) are those occupied by more than two unrelated persons who share facilities e.g. bathrooms and kitchens. From 1 October 2018 the existing licensing scheme for licensed properties was extended to include any property being occupied by five or more unrelated occupants who share facilities, regardless of the number of storeys. These properties must have a licence to operate. It is an offence to operate such a property without a licence or fail to comply with any conditions.

In order for a licence to be issued the landlord or manager will need to submit a valid application. Following receipt of an application the council will arrange to inspect the property to ensure it meets the Prescribed Standards.

The following information and documentation will be required to be submitted with an application:

  • A4 sized sketch plan of the layout of each floor, showing the address and the following:
    • Use of the room, eg kitchen
    • Room number, if applicable
    • Heat (HD) and smoke detectors (SD), fire blankets (FB) and any fire control panels and other fire precaution equipment 
    • Emergency lighting (EL)
    • Fire doors (FD)
    • Fire doors with self-closers (FD S/C)
    • Thumb turn locks (TT)
    • Emergency Egress Windows (EW)
    • Approximate room size in square metres  
  • An Electrical Installation Condition report from a competent electrician
  • Gas Safety certificate(s) for all appliances, carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • BS5839 test reports relating to the fire detection system (to be done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions)
  • BS5266 test reports relating to the emergency lighting system (if applicable)
  • Fire Risk Assessment - to be carried out by a professional Fire Risk Assessor or competent person (proof of competency may be requested by the Council)
  • Copy of your tenancy agreement
  • Planning/building control information (if applicable) (7+ persons HMO'S may require planning permission).
  • Fees - a breakdown of the fee structure can be found under 'HMO Licensing Fees'

If your property falls within the definition of a licensable HMO, please complete an online application.  Chichester District Council does not run Selective or Additional licensing schemes.

HMO Fit and Proper Person declaration form

Apply to licence a house in multiple occupation