Planning enforcement

It is a breach of planning control if you do not get planning permission or consent for a development that requires it. Breaches of planning control are generally not criminal offences. However, it is a criminal offense to display unauthorised advertisements or work on a listed building or protected trees without permission. Our Enforcement Strategy document sets out how we operate:

Breaches include:

  • Development (building/engineering works or change of use of property/land) without planning permission
  • Not keeping to the planning permission, either for an approved plan or the failure to follow conditions
  • Carrying out of works to a listed building without consent, including the installation of UPVC windows
  • Felling or working on a tree which is under a Tree Preservation Order or which is within a Conservation Area
  • Demolition of a building within a Conservation Area
  • Using a mobile home as a residence
  • Unauthorised advertisements
  • Fencing
  • Action can be taken regarding the untidy condition of land

Not considered breaches:

  • On-street parking of commercial vehicles in residential area
  • Operating a business from home but the primary use is still residential and there is no adverse impact on amenity
  • Parking a mobile home within the grounds of your home, provided that it is used for storage or an extra bedroom
  • Clearing land of undergrowth, bushes and trees, as long as they are not under a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area

Make an Enforcement Complaint

All complaints must be made in writing providing your name, postal address and contact telephone number using the Enforcement complaint form.

When you report a breach of planning control, details of your complaint may become public. However your name and address will NOT be revealed to the person or organisation involved in the alleged breach.

We will try to acknowledge your complaint within five working days of receiving it. At this time, we will advise you of the complaint reference number and the enforcement case officer.

Enforcement notices

enforcement notices
DateThe landThe alleged breachEnforcement notice

Land at Stoney Lodge

School Lane

North Mundham


PO20 1LA

Without planning permission, change of use of the land to use for the storage of  metal container units, cars, a motor bike, top box, fabric, shed, metal items, gas cylinders/bottles, car body parts, plastic chairs, trailers, towing cable, assorted metal and plastic containers, motor vehicle parts and other sundry items.pdf icon Enforcement Notice - Stoney Lodge - NM-27 [4Mb]


Kellys Farm

Bell Lane



PO20 7HY

Without planning permission, change of use of the land to mixed use as a horticultural nursery and operation of a car wash business.pdf icon Enforcement Notice - Kellys Farm [4Mb]

New Barn Farm

Common Road




Without planning permission, change of use of the land to B8 commercial storagepdf icon Enforcement Notice - New Farm Barn FU-66 [4Mb]

Stop notices

Stop notices
DateThe landThe alleged breachEnforcement notice



 Breach of Condition Notices

Breach of condition notices
DateThe landThe alleged breachPeriod for compliance

Land at

Brook Lea

Selsey Road


PO20 1 NR

The relevant planning permission to which this notice relates is the permission granted by the Council on 26th April 2017 for " Construction of 5 no. dwellings and associated works (minor amendment to outline planning permission 16/00856/OUT and associated reserved matters 16/02672/REM)" Brook Lea, Selsey Road, Huston, Chichester, West Sussex reference HN/17/00314/FUL.


The following condition has not been complied with:‑


12)  The construction of the development and associated works shall not take place on Sundays or Public Holidays or any time otherwise than between the hours of 0800 hours and 1800 hours Mondays to Fridays and 0800 hours and 1300 hours on Saturdays.

28 Days

Land North of Chaucer Drive

West Wittering


The relevant planning permission to which this notice relates is the permission granted by the Council on 20th June 2014 for "Erection of 50 residential dwellings with associated access, parking, landscaping, open space and works" , reference WW/13/03286/FUL.


The following condition has not been complied with:‑


6) Development shall not commence until full details of the proposed surface water drainage scheme have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. This includes the swale and pond details for which full cross sections shall also be provided. The design should follow the hierarchy of preference for different types of surface water drainage disposal systems as set out in Approved Document H of the Building Regulations and the SUDS Manual produced by CIRIA.

28 Days


Sandy Meadow Farm

Bignor Park Road



The relevant planning permission to which this notice relates is the permission granted by the Planning Inspectorate dated 1st October 1997 appeal ref: T/APP/L3815/A/97/276873/P7 for "the retention of mobile home as a farm house at Sandy Meadow Farm, Bignor Road, Bignor in accordance with the terms of the application LPA ref: BY/96/00380/FUL dated 16th February 1996.

The following condition has not been complied with:‑

2)  When the mobile home ceases to be occupied by MR F A Turrell, the use hereby permitted shall cease, the mobile home shall be removed and the land shall be reinstated to a condition which shall first be agreed in writing the with the local planning authority.

6 Months


High Hedges

Our role is not to mediate or negotiate between you and your neighbour but to act as a neutral third party on whether the hedge is adversely affecting the reasonable enjoyment of your property. We must strike a balance between the competing interests of you and the hedge owner, as well as those of the wider community.

Provided you have exhausted all other avenues for resolving a hedge dispute, you can forward your complaint to us by submitting detailed forms, support evidence, other documentation and a fee of £300

  • The complaint will either be dismissed or a formal notice will be issued to the hedge owner that sets out what they are required to do to fix the problem.
  • In most cases this would amount to a reduction in height of no less than two metres (6ft 6ins).
  • The notice would also set a time limit by when the work should be carried out and a requirement that the maximum height is maintained.
  • Failure to carry out the works is an offence which, on conviction, could lead to a fine of up to £1000.
  • In addition, a daily fine can be imposed for continued failure to carry out the work following prosecution.
  • We can carry out the work and recover its costs if the owner fails to do so.