Chichester District Council issue Dispensation Notices on behalf of West Sussex County Council. The purpose of these is to help ensure that trades people who carry out work across the district can carry out their work safely whilst causing minimal disruption.

A maximum of two active Dispensations Notices are permitted at an address at any one time and Dispensation Notices are only issued for commercial vans and not private cars including estates. They may typically be issued for legitimate works requiring use of tools and equipment that cannot easily be removed from the vehicle or where the vehicle itself is needed in order to carry out a function e.g. as a mobile source for other equipment.

Dispensation Notices may be issued if it is not possible to display Resident Visitor Permits, e.g. when working at vacant properties or in Chichester city centre. However, if Resident Visitor Permits are available, these should be used.

When purchasing 5 days, we will give you the sixth free. Dispensation Notices are available to use from Monday to Saturday, including Bank Holidays and can be requested for a maximum duration of 1 month.

Dispensations are issued at the discretion of the council. They can be withdrawn at any time if they are not being used for their declared purpose, or for breaching the terms and conditions of use.

Where can they be used?

A Dispensation Notice request can be granted to undertake planned works at premises adjacent to parking restrictions. Dispensation Notices can be used in:

  • Permit Holder bays
  • Pay and Display bays
  • Limited Waiting bays

A Dispensation Notice will only be granted where it is essential that the vehicle is parked close to the property in order to carry out works, and the impact on other road users, businesses or pedestrians, is kept to a minimum.


Cost of dispensation Dispensation costs
Dispensation Notice£5.00 Per day/£25 Per Week


To apply for and purchase a Dispensation Notice, please visit East Pallant House. Please also bring with you evidence of the work taking place and remember that we are unable to sell these without viewing this information. We will also ask you for name and address details and the van registration number to be stated on the Dispensation Notice.

When arranging a Dispensation Notice, please take into account council opening times.

The council reserve the right to refuse an application where it considers the vehicle is not essential to the works, or offer an alternative location nearby if more appropriate. Vehicles being used for personal travel to and from a work site, or as a storage facility are not eligible for dispensations, and must be parked legally elsewhere on street, or use district off street car parks.

Evidence required

Official evidence such as:

  • work quotes
  • business headed stationery
  • residents with ID on behalf of trades person

-will be required to verify the address, dates and type of work being carried out.

The dates on the evidence provided must be current and appropriate to the work taking place. We will need to view evidence of the work taking place each time a Dispensation Notice is requested.

Using the dispensation notice

In order to use the Dispensation Notice, it must be displayed clearly on the dashboard of the van. Each dispensation is unique and therefore should be displayed as instructed and readily available for Civil Enforcement Officers to check if required. It is not acceptable to amend the Dispensation Notice. If you are concerned that any of the information on the notice is incorrect, please contact Parking Services or return it to East Pallant House to be amended.  

Failure to display the Dispensation Notice correctly or to comply with the terms and conditions may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. Dispensations are monitored by Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council.

Who does not need a dispensation notice?

Existing exemptions for contractors on emergency call outs for gas, water or sewerage leaks, glazing repairs or mains electrical repairs are unaffected. In emergency repair situations a notice on business headed paper stating where you are working and your contact details must be displayed. Statutory undertakers and utility company vehicles parked within the works area are also exempt from requiring dispensations however, only throughout the duration of the works. Please remember that as soon as the emergency has been taken care of, the vehicles are no longer exempt from the restrictions.

loading and unloading

It is not necessary to apply for a Dispensation Notice for the purpose of loading and unloading as it is acceptable to load and unload from Permit Holder bays, Pay and Display bays, Limited Waiting bays and yellow line restrictions providing the activity is continuous. We recommend that items/tools should be unloaded prior to the work taking place and the vehicle then relocated.

Yellow line dispensations

In extenuating circumstances if it is essential that the vehicle is left on-street close to a property in order to carry out a particular job, permission may be granted to wait on yellow lines restrictions, limited waiting bays, loading bays or in zonal areas, e.g. pedestrian zones, but only if no other parking or waiting alternatives nearby could be used, and it is safe to do so.