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Our guided adult cycle rides restart in April - please register your interest by contacting the Cycling team. The guided adult cycle rides programme is aimed at people who want some gentle exercise or who are new or returning to cycling. We have also set up a series of Bike Maintenance classes and Cycle Confidence training. For information about these events or to book a place, please see our Cycling - events and news page. 

Cycling as the sun sets

Details about other cycling opportunities in the district are available as follows. Please see the relevant page:

  • Downloadable maps (pdf) for local commuter routes, mountain bike tracks and local leisure cycle rides.
  • Information on the Cycle to Work Scheme which may enable you to purchase a brand new bike at a reduced rate through your employer.

There are designated cycle lanes on many of the roads in the district. West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is responsible for these. For further information, see the Walking and Cycling link found under Offsite links.

 Cycle racks

Visiting Chichester and want to know where you can chain up your bike?

Please see the pdf found under Related documents, for the location of the city centre bike racks. We are working with West Sussex County Council to install around 50 additional new bike racks across the centre of Chichester. 

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