Chichester Local Plan Key Policies (2014-2029) was adopted in July 2015. The Inspector, however, required the council to complete a review within five years to make sure sufficient housing would be planned to meet the needs of the area. This work will form the Chichester Local Plan Review 2034.

The government is giving high priority to increasing housing delivery and we will be expected to take our share of new development. We need to have an up-to-date plan that meets our housing needs. If not, we will be subject to speculative applications for new development which could lead to additional unplanned housing being imposed upon us.

The Local Plan Review will shape where new development will go for Chichester District excluding the area in the South Downs National Park. The Chichester area is a beautiful place to live, work and visit. We need to protect the environment but make sure that we create jobs, homes and facilities of the right type, in the right place and at the right time. Bringing investment into the area will help fund improvements to local roads, services, and facilities.

Update Summer 2018

Work to prepare the evidence base to inform the Local Plan Review is continuing through this summer. It is now expected that the Preferred Approach version of the plan will be considered by cabinet and council in November 2018.

Issues and Options Consultation June 2017

The first stage of consultation was held between 22 June and 3 August 2017. All the comments received will be carefully considered and will help shape the Local Plan Review and produce a draft Preferred Approach Local Plan Review document. No decisions have yet been made.

All responses are publicly available, and identifiable by name and organisation (where applicable). Please note that any other personal information provided will be processed by Chichester District Council in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The documents below contain summaries of the issues raised by the representations submitted.

Alternatively, all documents submitted as part of representations to the consultation are available to view on the consultation website under Question 45.

The published consultation documents included:

  • Issues & options consultation document and questionnaire
  • Initial Sustainability Appraisal
  • Initial Habitats Regulations Assessment

At the same time the council consulted on the Revised Statement of Community Involvement.