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Representations made during the Proposed Submission (Regulation 19) consultation period are now available to view via the consultation portal.  How to view representations online (PDF) [263KB]  

Results from earlier consultations are also available to view

Consultation - 3 February to 17 March 2023

Your views are really important to us, and they are a vital part of producing the plan. You may remember that in the Preferred Approach consultation we asked for your detailed views. Along with the evidence that we have gathered, we used these comments to help shape a revised version of the plan. The most recent consultation on the revised version invited you to comment on three specific questions or tests - Is it legally compliant? Is it 'sound'? Does it comply with the Duty to Cooperate?. This is known as the Regulation 19 consultation phase and is the last stage before submitting the plan for examination.

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What happens to your comments

The representations made during the consultation period are now available to view online via the consultation portal.

These representations will be submitted to a Planning Inspector for independent examination on behalf of the Secretary of State.

The feedback you provided will be packaged alongside the proposed plan and submitted to the Planning Inspector.

The Planning Inspector will then review the plan as part of the examination process and then hopefully this will be approved and adopted.

Representation summary reports

Local Plan 2021-2039 (Reg 19) Consultation - Representation Summary (by Respondent) - July 2023 (PDF) [7MB]

Local Plan 2021-2039 (Reg 19) Consultation - Representation Summary Report (by Policy) - July 2023 (PDF) [5MB]

A hard copy of these reports are also available to view at the Council offices at East Pallant House on request.

Local Plan documents

Chichester Local Plan 2021-2039 Proposed Submission (PDF) [5MB]

Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Policies Map (PDF) [6MB]

Sustainability Appraisal - January 2023 (PDF) [6MB]

Sustainability Appraisal - Non-Technical Summary - January 2023 (PDF) [643KB]

Habitats Regulation Assessment - January 2023 (PDF) [2MB]