Registering your food business

When starting a new food business there may be many things that you may not have thought of, or would like advice about. To help ease the process we have put together an information sheet which contains things like useful contacts.

It is also important to ensure that you register any new premises when used for a food business (including market stalls, delivery vehicles and other movable structures), this is required by law.

Registration is free, so to register your business simply fill out the food registration form.

Food registration form

Food premises inspections

The council keeps a database of food premises within the district which is regularly updated. Food businesses will receive either a primary or a secondary inspection. 

The primary inspections form the planned programme of inspections for that year, where risk criteria are used to establish the frequency of the inspections. Inspections of high and medium risk premises take place at least every 6 months down to once every 2 years depending on the risk posed by the food business.  The lowest risk premises and some businesses which are exempt from registration will be inspected using alternative enforcement strategies such as a self audit questionnaire or by project based inspections.  Where officers identify any increased food safety risk a full inspection will be undertaken.

When do inspections take place?

Inspections of food businesses are undertaken at various times when they are open for business, whether during the day, evening, night or early hours of the morning.

The Authority also inspects and approves food businesses that are subject to EU product-specific food hygiene Regulations. These approved premises are subject to specific legislation which imposes significant higher standards due to a particular risk that they present.  Premises might require approval if they are producing or manufacturing meat products, dairy products, egg products, fishery products and shellfish.

Secondary inspections

Secondary inspections of food business are any other visit to a food business that is not a primary inspection.  These include sampling visits, visits to check progress of measures following a primary inspection, investigation of complaints, advice visits, and inspection of premises for  licensing purposes.

Revisits following a primary inspection are made where in the officers judgement, food safety is compromised or the number/type of breaches indicate ineffective management at the premises.