Following an initial trial in 2013, a New Homes Bonus (Parish Allocations) Scheme has been offered annually, with a broad range of Parish, Town and City Council led projects supported throughout that time.  The Policy has been updated in 2017 and, subject to receipt from Government, commits to allocate £250,000 per annum. Money will be passed to relevant Parish (or Town or City) to fund locally identified projects

New Homes Bonus (Parish Allocations) aims to:

  • To improve quality of life for the community, and stimulate cohesive and vibrant communities
  • To allocate monies and reward communities where significant development has occurred
  • To facilitate infrastructure where there are deficits within a community or area
  • To enhance local facilities available to new and existing residents
  • To encourage communities to identify their needs and work collaboratively to address them

For more details, please refer to the New Homes Bonus (Parish Allocations) Policy

The process

In February of each year, the council will produce information which shows how the £250,000 could be split by parish, based on the level of new housing in the preceding 3 years. This is not a formal allocation, and is intended to inform the scale of projects that could be developed for consideration. Parishes are then encouraged to consult locally to identify local needs and possible projects and potentially, other groups, organisations or contractors to work with.

In 2020/21 the council has agreed to allocate a further £2,000 in "Orphan Interest" through the same process. See the FAQ document for background.

Each Parish will need to apply to the District Council. Eligibility criteria applications forms and guidance notes will be annually updated and made available on this webpage.

Applications need to be submitted by 30 July 2021 for consideration by a special meeting of the Grants and Concessions Panel on 15 September 2021.

Who can apply?

Applications can only be made by Parish Councils. Residents, local groups or organisations and local businesses who can identify local projects should raise them with their Parish Council.

What has been funded through the New Homes Bonus scheme?

The decisions from the Grants and Concessions Panel in previous years are summarised in the documents below.