Planning rules review for temporary advertising boards

Our consultation is now closed. All comments received as part of this consultation will be submitted to the Secretary of State alongside the council's request that deemed consent be removed for the display of temporary advertisements relating to the sale or letting of premises on the land or premises to which they relate, within the Chichester Conservation Area for a period of 10 years.


Under the current rules, the display of temporary advertisements promoting the sale or letting of premises are allowed under 'deemed consent'. This means that they are permitted without the need for prior approval or checks from the council.

Over the past few years, a number of historic towns and cities, such as Bath, Winchester and Bristol, have updated their approach, removing this consent to help monitor the number and use of advertising boards in special places within their areas. Following a review of our own rules around this, we are proposing a similar approach for the Chichester Conservation Area, which would mean that estate agents would need to apply to the council for consent to display sales and lettings boards within this area.


Why is this being proposed?

As the planning authority for a large part of the Chichester District, one of our key roles is to identify ways in which we can help to protect our beautiful area and to preserve its character and heritage. We're really proud of our city and want to protect its natural beauty, and this approach would enable us to better achieve this.

Other advertising is already controlled within the conservation area and the council is now seeking to include estate agent boards, which would enable us to monitor the number and position of this type of advert.

Not only do we believe this will help us protect the look and feel of the city, but this proposal also responds to concerns raised to us from many local residents.


Where can I find more information?

We have prepared a letter to send to the Secretary of State to request approval of our proposal, which you can view here, alongside the public notice of this consultation.

You can also view the  public report pack  that was considered by Planning Committee in April of this year. You'll find the details relating to this consultation under agenda item seven. There is also a map outlining the Chichester Conservation Area.