Page last updated 7 September 2022.

Applications for the mandatory £150.00 Rebate Scheme have now closed. Applications for the Discretionary Scheme remain open.

Final payments for the mandatory scheme will be issued during the week ending 16 September 2022. 

Any households that have been identified as being entitled to receive a rebate, but have not yet been paid will have £150.00 credited to their Council Tax account, and an amended bill will be issued.

We will never cold call you to request your bank details.

This is a one-off rebate that will not need to be repaid.



If you have received your rebate of £150.00, this will show in your bank account as being received from 'CDC PAYMENTS'.

If you received an automatic rebate and do not wish to keep the £150, you should return the payment to our bank account:

  • National Westminster Bank PLC, 5 East Street, Chichester, PO19 1HH
  • Sort Code:- 60-05-24
  • Account Number:- 26121204

Please ensure you quote your Council Tax reference number when returning your payment.

Who is entitled to the rebate

You are entitled to the rebate if:

  • your property is in a Council Tax band A to D (or if you are in a band E property and you receive a disabled band reduction)
  • you are liable to pay Council Tax
  • your property is occupied as someone's sole or main residence

You are not entitled to this rebate if:

  • your property is a holiday home or second home
  • your property is not someone's sole or main residence on 1 April 2022
  • your property is in a Council Tax band E to H (unless band E and a disabled band reduction is applicable)

If you are not sure what Council Tax band your property is in this can be found by clicking on the link below.

Check your council tax band

If want to request a review of your Council Tax band you should visit the  Valuation Office Agency's council tax band page . You will need to explain why you believe your band is incorrect and also provide supporting evidence.

Discretionary scheme

For those who need help with their energy bills but are not eligible for the £150 rebate, local authorities will receive £144 million of discretionary funding to help.

The funding that the council has received means that we can pay 1831 households a discretionary rebate. We have developed a scheme that targets people most vulnerable to the rising cost of energy. 

A total of five groups have been identified and the eligibility criteria for these groups is listed in the table below. Applications should be made online.

You will need to have your Council Tax account number. This can be found on your latest bill. The grant approval website will require you to register before logging in to make an application. Applying online is the fastest way to make an application. However, if you are unable to access online services we are able to assist you over the phone. However we ask that you consider whether you have any one, such as family member or friend that can assist you in the first instance. 

Apply at Grant Approval

The following table shows the eligibility criteria that will be applied by Chichester District Council, when determining whether a household is eligible to receive a discretionary energy rebate. The following apply to all groups. 

  • Payments will be made to households whose homes were occupied (as someone's sole or main residence) on 1 April 2022. 
  • Only one discretionary payment of up to £150 will be paid per household, and applications will be opened for each group in priority order. 
  • When the limit of the fund is reached no further awards will be made. 

For those in groups 4 & 5, the application form allows you to tell us more about your circumstances. The discretionary scheme is intended to support those with greater exposure to rising costs, such as those with a disability, on a low income or getting a means tested benefit. Those in group 5 will need to demonstrate financial hardship and support this by providing energy bills or evidence of other debts. The more information you are able to give on the application form the better, as this may reduce the need for us to contact you further to discuss you application. 

Group Eligibility criteriaAmount paid Opening date of applications

All households in Council Tax Bands E-H in receipt of Local Council Tax Reduction (CTR), Universal Credit (UC), War Pension or other means* tested benefit during April 2022 to September 2022 (whilst funds last). 

*other means tested benefit includes Housing Benefit, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Income based Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Pension Credit, Working and Child Tax Credit. 

£1501 May 2022

All households in Council Tax Bands E-H in receipt of the following Council Tax Exemptions or Discounts:

  • Severely Mentally Impaired (SMI)
  • Disabled Band Reduction (DBR)
  • Carers Discount/Carers Allowance (CD/CA)

All households in receipt of a disability related benefit including Personal Independence Payments (PIP), Attendance Allowance (AA) or Disability Living Allowance (DLA) (whilst funds last). 

£1501 May 2022

All households whose valuation band E-H valuation is reduced to a band D or lower by the Valuation Office before 30 September 2022 (or while funds last). 

£1501 June 2022

Any other cases from households in bands E-H considered to be exceptional by the council. The household will need to demonstrate that their circumstances are exceptional* and evidence it as required by the council (while funds last). 

* exceptional circumstances will be determined by the council. However, examples of this may include those with utility debts, on a low income with no savings who are unable to meet the additional cost of energy. The council reserves the right to use its discretion on a case-by-case basis with the overall aim of reaching as many people as possible who need it the most. 

Up to £1501 July 2022
5A further top-up payment of up to £150 may be made to any household who demonstrate financial hardship caused by the increased cost of energy (whilst funds last). Up to £1501 July 2022
6A payment of up to £150 to households who are not liable for Council Tax but who are liable for utility bills i.e. students and houses of multiple occupation (whilst funds last). Evidence that the applicant is liable for the utility bills will need to be provided and dated within the last 3 months.Up to £15019 September 2022

A further payment available to any household that has utility arrears (gas, electric, water etc.). The amount of the award will be determined by the awarding officer (whilst funds last). The applicant will need to evidence all arrears (a bill dated within the last 3 months) and show financial hardship. This payment is to be used to reduce the utility arrears and the customer will need to evidence that payment has been made to the relevant utility provider(s). 

If the money is not used to pay off utility arrears then the Council will seek to recover the money from the customer.

Dependent on arrears at the discretion of the Council19 September 2022
  • Customers in groups 1 and 2 that are known to the council will receive a letter in May inviting them to make an application for a discretionary rebate. 
  • Customers in receipt of Council Tax Reduction who pay by direct debit will receive this payment into their bank account automatically. It is expected that these payments will be made from 16th May, and will appear in your bank account with the reference CDC Payments.  

Important notice 

The £150 energy bill rebate is being provided on the basis that the recipient is liable for the Council Tax, or would have been if the property were not exempt) and that the property is:

  • valued in Council Tax bands A to D. This includes property that is valued in band E but has an alternative valuation band of band D, as a result of the disabled band reduction scheme;
  • It is someone's sole or main residence (as at 1 April 2022)
  • It is a chargeable dwelling, or in exemption classes N, S, U or W*

If you receive a £150 rebate and the above criteria is not met, you should contact us immediately, as the payment will need to be returned to us, and may be liable for recovery.

The £150 energy bill rebate is being provided to support all residents of all qualifying households. 



When will I receive my £150 rebate?

If you pay your Council Tax by direct debit, payments will be made directly to the bank account used to pay your Council Tax. We hope to make the payment to you within 14 days of your first direct debit payment being collected. Payments will start to be made from 11 April. 

If you don't pay your Council Tax by direct debit, we will write to you from 19 April, with details of how to apply for your rebate.

Do I have to pay back the £150 rebate?

No, this is a one-off payment that does not need to be repaid. 

What if I don't pay my Council Tax by direct debit and have no access to be able to complete an online form?

You can make an assisted application by telephone with one of our dedicated team. Further details will be provided on this page as soon as possible. 

I am still waiting for my property to be banded, will I receive the £150 energy bill rebate?

Once your property is banded, you will receive a Council Tax rebate, providing all other criteria is met (including property being banded A to D)

My property is not banded between bands A to D, does this mean I will not receive the rebate?

You are not entitled to the rebate if your property is banded E to H. However you might be entitled to a payment under the discretionary scheme.

What If I receive the payment but vacated the property before 1 April 2022?

If you received a payment that you were not eligible for, then you will need to repay the money. Where someone pays their Council Tax by direct debit, we will have made some assumptions to make payments quicker to households. If you receive a payment that you were not eligible for, then it must be repaid.

I am not moving into my property until shortly after 1 April 2022, will I still receive the rebate?

No, as you must be occupying the property on 1 April 2022. However you may be entitled to the rebate, on your previous address, where you were living (if in bands A to D). If you were not a Council Tax payer and occupying a property on 1 April 2022 then you may be eligible in your new property under our discretionary scheme.

Will my council tax instalments change?

No, the payment is a one-off payment that will be paid to your bank directly. 

Will the £150 show as a credit on my Council Tax bill?

No, this is a one-off payment that will not appear on your Council Tax bill.

My property within the Chichester district is a second home, will I still receive the rebate?

No, the property must be occupied as your main home, to qualify for the rebate. You might be entitled to the rebate at your main home, providing the criteria is met.

I receive full Council Tax reduction, and my bill is zero, does that mean I am not entitled to the £150 energy bill rebate?

Even if you have nothing to pay for your Council Tax providing the criteria is met (occupied as your main home, on 1 April 2022, and banded between A to D) then you will receive the rebate.

My bill is zero, as my property is exempt, does that mean I am not entitled to the rebate?

Properties that are exempt under classes;-

  • N (full time students)
  • S (occupied only by under 18's)
  • U (occupied by residents considered to be severally mentally impaired)
  • W (annexe occupied by a dependent relative)

Are entitled to the rebate, providing the criteria is met.

Is everyone in my household entitled to a rebate of £150?

No, only one payment will be paid per property, even if there is more than one person named on the bill.

I live in a house of multiple occupation, and my landlord pays the bills, am I still entitled to the £150 energy bill rebate?

No. Where the owner of a property is liable for the Council Tax (for example in a House in Multiple Occupation or residential care home), no-one will be eligible for the rebate in relation to that property. If you are not the liable Council Tax payer but are impacted by rising energy costs, you may be able to access support from our discretionary fund (see above).


Please return to this page for regular updates.