We are sorry but this means some of the services you usually use will be closed, or will be operating in a different way. We are working hard to make sure the services you rely on are available as far as we possibly can, and we are putting additional measures in place to make sure that people in at-risk groups who may be more greatly affected by the social distancing measures are supported.

Here you can find out the status of our services and we will update this page regularly.

Wherever possible, we respectfully ask that residents use the council's online services. By doing this, it will help us respond to enquiries as quickly as possible.


ServiceStatusFurther details
Building Control

We continue to offer a restricted service for site inspections.  Please contact us for further information.

We are unable to issue completion certificates during the coronavirus lockdown.

Plan checking and dangerous structure services are operating normally.

Wherever possible, please visit our website first:
01243 785166

Cemetries and burial serviceOur burial service will be available on certain days of the week. Will make discuss individual arrangements with each family.

01243 534610

Choose WorkTelephone and email appointments onlywww.chichester.gov.uk/choosework
01243 534889
Coastal and Land Drainage,
local including ordinary water consenting

We aree currently operating a restricted service. 

Only high flood risk work is currently being undertaken. 

Ordinary Water Consents can only be issued for urgent works, please contact us for further information. 

Limited face to face contact.

01243 534689

Urgent commercial health and safety

This service currently covers high risk work such as serious accidents at work, or health and wellbeing issues where there is an imminent or serious risk to health.

Limited face to face contact.

01243 534602
Community WardensMost areas covered but with limited face-to-face contactwww.chichester.gov.uk/communitywardens
01243 534749
Council Tax and Benefits

Service running normally but appointments by telephone only. Services can be accessed online.


We ask that you contact us by email where you can on benefits@chichester.gov.uk and use our online services to make claims, update us of changes and check payments: www.chichester.gov.uk/counciltaxandbenefits

If you do need to call us, we are working hard to ensure that we have as many people answering calls as possible, however you will probably still have to wait for longer than we would normally like. Thank you for your patience.
Benefits: 01243 534509
Council tax: 01243 534501

Culture and SportLeisure centres are closed. Sport pitches and events are cancelled for the foreseeable futurewww.chichester.gov.uk/leisureandculture

or 01243 785 651

or 01730 815 285
East Pallant House receptionEast Pallant house closed from 24 March, except for emergency appointments for those most at need

If you feel you need an appointment, please call us first. Telephone lines are operating as normal, but customers may experience longer waiting times

01243 785166

Economic Development (Business Support)

We are currently running a normal service using email and phone contact

01243 534669

Emergency Planning
We are currently running a normal servicewww.chichester.gov.uk/emergencies
01243 534616

Environmental Protection including pollution, noise/nuisance, pests
Service limited to:
widespread public nuisance,
large scale pollution incidents, and widespread pest infestations
01243 785166
Food safety issues and adviceThis service is limited to potential public health risks. Urgent work will be actioned, including enforcement of business closure regulations, food incidents, outbreaks of food poisoning or infectious disease, and intelligence received regarding potential public health risks. 

Planned inspections for registered food businesses are currently being deferred until 17 April. 

On-going enforcement work will continue to ensure remedial action has been taken to reduce the risk to public health. 

Food businesses should notify us by telephone if it is changing its activities. 

Limited face to face contact.

01243 534602

ForeshoresSuspended until further notice.

Report any issues at the foreshores to  environmentalprotect@chichester.gov.uk or 01243 785166.


Hall hireCommunity venues are closed temporarily and we will not be accepting new bookings at this time. 


Services currently still being provided:

  • Housing Advice and homelessness
  • Housing Standards - Disabled Facilities Grants and investigation of category 1 health and safety hazards
  • HomeMove (housing register)
  • Homefinder - property management service for private sector landlords

Appointments will only be offered where they are essential

Services not being provided:

  • Housing Enabling
  • Housing standards - grants and loans

01243 785166

Land charges

We are currently running a normal service but with limited face-to-face contact
01243 534664
LicensingWe are currently running a normal service but with limited face-to-face contactwww.chichester.gov.uk/licensing
Markets - Farmers' Market

Farmers' Market: cancelled for the foreseeable future.


01243 785166

Markets - Wednesday and Saturday city centreCancelled for the foreseeable futureContact market operator Bray Associates on 01895 639912.
MOT testsFrom Wednesday 1 April only available to private hire and taxi vehicles.

01243 534804

Parking services

We are currently operating a reduced Civil Enforcement service.

There continue to be alterations to the way some of our services are delivered.

01243 534500

Enforcement will continue albeit with a focus on safety and ensuring the free movement of traffic, especially for the emergency services, carers and deliveries.

To support essential workers, parking charges have been suspended in all car parks until 30 April 2020, when this arrangement will be reviewed.

Further on street parking dispensations are available now for residents and NHS/Social Care staff.

Face to Face services such as Resident Visitor Permits are now being carried out by telephone and bay suspensions may not be possible.

All customers are encourage to visit the website and make use of online services for PCNs and Resident Permit renewals where possible.

Parks and GardensParks are open. Playgrounds are closed.www.chichester.gov.uk/parksandopenspaces
Planning Applications and EnforcementWe are currently running a normal service with some alterations to the way services are delivered.

01243 785166


Planning Policy
We are currently running a normal service with some alterations to the way services are delivered.

Community Infrastructure Levy - applicants and agents are advised to submit all forms, in particular the Commencement Notice Form, electronically to the council using the email address: cil@chichester.gov.uk as there could be delays in processing paper copies.  Further details can be found at: www.chichester.gov.uk/cil
01243 785166

Please email Community Infrastructure Levy forms to cil@chichester.gov.uk
Private water suppliesService limited to high risk supplies including commercial private water supplies

01243 785166

Public conveniencesOpen as usualwww.chichester.gov.uk/publictoilets
01243 534619
Registration of new food businesses

New food business registrations will still be processed. 

Businesses will be contacted by telephone. 

Limited face to face contact.

01243 534602
Social prescribingTelephone and email appointments only01243 521041
Stray Dog ServiceWe are currently running a normal servicewww.chichester.gov.uk/environmentandhealth
01243 785166
Street care and cleansing service We are operating a restricted service, focusing on emptying dog bins, clearing fly tips, litter picking, and emptying litter bins in priority areaswww.chichester.gov.uk/contractservices
The Novium Museum

The Novium Museum building is closed. However, the team are committed to sharing Chichester's history, and are working on making more of our exhibitions and collection available online. For virtual exhibitions, tours, oral history videos and learning activities, visit www.thenovium.org/virtualmuseum where content will be updated regularly.

01243 775888
Waste and Recycling services

We are running a reduced service.
Due to staff shortages, we are prioritising domestic waste (black bins) and recycling (burgundy bins). 

Please put the relevant bin out for collection on your normal day and, with exception of customers that receive an assisted collection, place them at the roadside for ease of collection. This requirement extends to owners of isolated properties and those with private drives. In all cases, please leave your bin out for collection all day as our crews may be arriving later than usual. We will do all we can to collect your waste but if this is not possible please keep hold of it and present it on your normal fortnightly collection day. 

Garden Recycling: We will be doing our best to keep our Garden Recycling service going. However, we must treat domestic waste and recycling as the priority so it is possible that there may be disruption to Gardening Recycling rounds If we are unable to collect your bin, please keep hold of it and present it on your normal collection day.

01243 534619

WellbeingTelephone and email appointments onlychichester.westsussexwellbeing.org.uk
01243 521041