Each year, the council checks the electoral register to make sure that any resident who is eligible to vote can do so — this is called the annual canvass. The council's Elections Team will soon be in touch with everyone on the register to make sure that all the details held are correct. As part of this process, they will be sending a mixture of letter and email notifications to registered voters this month. When residents receive this, they are urged to carefully check all of the details and let the council know if there are any changes they need to make by following the instructions.

Email notifications will only be sent to people who have previously given the council their email address for electoral services updates. The email will be sent from a Government email system and the sender address will appear as: 'Chichester Electoral Services [chichester.electoral.services@notifications.service.gov.uk]' in the 'from' section.

Residents are being reassured that the emails sent are not requesting or collecting data by email. Instead, recipients will be given security codes to enable them to log on to a secure webpage, hosted by Civica Express Household Response Service , where they can then confirm or amend any household details. By using email notifications, the council can help to make the annual canvass process quicker and easier for residents and have a more positive impact on the environment by reducing the use of paper.

Don't worry if you miss or don't receive the email. If the council don't hear from you, they will send a letter confirming who is eligible to vote in your household based on the information they have and you can then change the details if they need updating.

Residents who aren't signed up to receive electoral information by email will receive a letter in the normal way soon.

For more information, please visit our annual canvass webpage.

Date of release: 17 August 2021

Reference: 4029