The council is consulting on its draft Air Quality Action Plan which sets out a range of proposed actions to continue improving air quality in the district.

When an area is identified as having poor air quality (i.e. it doesn't meet the National Air Quality Standards), it is declared as an 'Air Quality Management Area'. For each of these areas, an Air Quality Action Plan must be put in place setting out a number of different actions that can be taken to improve air quality in this area.

Since the introduction of the first Air Quality Action Plan in 2008, each of the council's five-year plans has been successful in introducing schemes that have had a positive impact on air quality in the district.

The current draft plan includes recommendations to continue some of the successful projects from the previous plan, and also identifies new actions that could be taken if additional funding is secured. In addition, because air quality has been steadily improving, the plan also recommends that Chichester's Orchard Street and Stockbridge A27 roundabout no longer need to be considered Air Quality Management Areas.

"We're really keen to hear people's views on our suggestions and this consultation is a chance for residents, business owners, organisations and visitors to share their thoughts," says Alison Stevens, Divisional Manager for Environment and Health Protection at Chichester District Council.

"There are many factors that contribute to the quality of the air we breathe, but as a council we are committed to doing all that we reasonably can to make our area a cleaner, safer and healthier place.

"I would urge everyone to take part in the survey, which only takes between 5 and 10 minutes. Your voice matters and the feedback you give us will help us to shape our final plan.

"The deadline for responding is midnight on 28 June, so don't forget to have your say at Let's Talk: Air Quality before the consultation closes."

There is a list of frequently asked questions on the consultation web page to help put the survey into context and explain some of the terms used. Peoplecan request a paper copy of the questionnaire by emailing

People who would like to get involved with more consultations and surveys in the future can also join Chichester District Council's Let's Talk Panel. By signing up, they will be automatically notified of any consultations by email and can decide whether or not they want to take part. People can join by visiting the Let's Talk Panel.

Date of release: 10 June 2021

Reference: 4007