On Sunday 10 May, in his address to the nation, the Prime Minister announced that where safe to do so, the construction industry should return to work.

Since the national lockdown was introduced in March, Chichester Building Control has been carrying out remote inspections rather than physically visiting on-going construction projects. These remote inspections have been undertaken by requesting and then assessing video clips and photographs of building works.

As the local construction industry now comes out of hibernation, Chichester District Council anticipate that more local construction projects will require further Building Control support. To assist all builders and property owners to meet their statutory obligations in requesting site visits, we will now be re-commencing some physical inspections of external building works as these are progressed. Other types of inspection will continue to be remotely inspected. We will request, then review and assess photographs of the project that you will be asked to provide.

Central to these latest arrangements is the continuing need to ensure social distancing for all parties involved with building projects.

Inspection policy

Please view Chichester's updated Inspection policy for further information:

This policy consists of the government's latest thinking and also contains links to protecting personnel operating on building sites during the current Coronavirus crisis.

When you require a Building Control Inspection of your construction project, we are looking for your co-operation to do the following:

  • Notify your inspection request in the normal manner. Please book a building control inspection or call 01243 534681. inspections requests received before 10am are usually carried out on the same day. It will be necessary for you to provide your telephone number so we can call you back.
  • Prior to any inspection you may be contacted by telephone to ascertain whether the site visit is for an internal or external inspection of the works. At the same time several questions about site access and coronavirus matters will be asked.
  • Whether the inspection is for an external or internal site visit will dictate whether a remote or actual visit is made. If the former, you will be asked to submit photographs and/or video clips of the work you wish to be inspected to buildingcontrol@chichester.gov.uk. Please remember to quote the site address, your Building Control reference and also your telephone number.
  • Please ensure you avoid trying to contact individual officers directly - even if they have dealt with you on a previous occasion. Officers may become ill in the future or be unavailable and your request may not be dealt with in time.

These continue to be unusual times and whilst we always welcome having the opportunity to provide advice on site, you can still continue to contact Building Control for guidance, information or assistance.

Apply for building regulations

As an aside to how we intend to conduct inspections for the duration, these latest arrangements will not affect how we administer new Building Regulation applications. You can still apply for building regulation.