Using our parks during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak

Enjoy your local parks

Our parks are an important lifeline for residents needing to get some exercise or fresh air, and are great for physical and mental wellbeing.

The latest Government guidelines have outlined the continued importance of following social distancing rules. This is particularly important in our parks - with warmer weather and greater use, we still risk putting each other in danger. 

We are constantly monitoring this situation regarding our parks and will follow further Public Health advice as and when it is issued.

Please follow the guidance below when using our parks:

  • Do not enter a park if you have any symptoms - fever, cough, shortness of breath or are self-isolating
  • Always observe the social distancing rules
  • Use all areas of the park (that are open) and spread out
  • Park benches are not sanitised, if you use them please avoid touching surfaces
  • You are advised to keep your dog on a lead to ensure you can keep a safe distance away from others
  • Follow hygiene advice when you are outside, avoid touching surfaces and wash your hands as soon as you can