Being able to travel to different places to keep healthy and fit adds freedom to our daily lives. However there are some that may not see it the same way, and they are the nation's wildlife.

At this time of year, birds and animals are busy making nests and raising families. The enforced lockdown has meant that many outdoor spaces haven't been frequented by people and dogs as much as usual. This pause in normal behaviour has given wildlife a rare opportunity to build their homes in places they may not have done in previous years.

Now that the lockdown rules have been relaxed, and with people returning to areas where wildlife has been populating, some birds and animals may have become less accustomed to people making them more sensitive to our presence. Due to the additional risk of disturbance, four conservation organisations have got together to highlight what people can do to help our wildlife.

You can watch the short video featuring Bird Aware Solent - a partnership of Solent councils - The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Thames Basin Heaths Partnership and Bird Wise.

Councillor Seán Woodward is Chairman of the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH), a body that oversees Bird Aware, observes, "When you are out enjoying the coast and the countryside please consider the wildlife. By doing simple things like keeping dogs close and staying on paths we can all make a positive difference. Thank you."

Date of release: 19 May 2020