The changes to waste and recycling collections over Christmas and New Year are as follows:

Normal collection day

Pre-Christmas week

Christmas week

New Year



New Year week

Return to normal collection day


Mon 16 Dec

Mon 23 Dec

Tue 31 Dec

Tue 7 Jan

Mon 13 Jan


Tue 17 Dec

Tue 24 Dec

Thu 2 Jan

Wed 8 Jan

Tue 14 Jan


Wed 18 Dec

Fri 27 Dec

Fri 3 Jan

Thu 9 Jan

Wed 15 Jan


Thu 19 Dec

Sat 28 Dec

Sat 4 Jan

Fri 10 Jan

Thu 16 Jan


Fri 20 Dec

Mon 30 Dec

Mon 6 Jan

Sat 11 Jan

Fri 17 Jan

Collection days will return to normal from Monday 13 January 2020. Residents can download and print out their own personalised waste, recycling and garden recycling collection dates.

Any extra waste from the holiday period will be picked up by collection crews on the first collection after Christmas.

If residents have any extra recycling, they need to ensure that it is kept clean, dry and loose and placed next to their recycling bin on the day of collection.

The Garden Recycling Service will stop over Christmas and New Year from Friday 20 December and will start again on Monday 6 January. Residents who are signed up to this service can use it to recycle their real Christmas tree.

This year, residents can also dispose of their real Christmas trees using the St Wilfrid's Hospice charity collection scheme , which will run from 6 - 20 January.  People can arrange to have their tree collected from their home by a volunteer in return for a donation to the hospice. Chichester District Council is supporting this scheme by ensuring that all the trees are recycled.

"Over Christmas we tend to generate more waste than usual and so we are keen to help residents recycle as much as possible at this time of year," says Kevin Carter, Divisional Manager for Chichester Contract Services at Chichester District Council. "We have put together some tips for residents about which items can and cannot be recycled. These can be found in the winter issue of Initiatives magazine, on our social media channels, and on our .

"There are a number of ways in which residents can dispose of their real Christmas trees in the district this year. We are really pleased to be supporting St Wilfrid's Hospice's new Christmas tree charity collection scheme, which we hope will make it easier for people to recycle their trees, while making a difference to a local charity."

Date of release: 12 December 2019

Reference: 3941