Officers from the council's Health Protection Team are aware that smoking is taking place in work vehicles. As a result, they have been reminding businesses that it's against the law for people to smoke if that work vehicle is shared. They have also been making them aware of the dangers posed to non-smokers that use or travel in the same vehicle. This work is continuing throughout November.

Under the Smoke-free (Exemptions and Vehicles) Regulations 2007, employers must ensure that an enclosed vehicle used by more than one employee is smoke free. A no-smoking sign must also be displayed prominently in the vehicle. Drivers and passengers who break the law can receive a fixed penalty notice and legal proceedings may also be taken against the business.

"These laws are in place to protect employees and customers from the health risks associated with passive smoking, so it is vital that all businesses comply," says Ian Brightmore, Divisional Manager for Health Protection at Chichester District Council. "Second hand smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals and more than 50 of these are known to cause cancer. Breathing second hand smoke puts people at an increased risk of lung cancer, heart disease, asthma attacks and other health conditions."

The council's Wellbeing Advisors have recently qualified as Smoking Cessation Advisors and have been offering one to one support to those who are keen to quit smoking, including offering advice on Nicotine Replacement Therapies. This new service helped even more people to give up smoking during Stoptober and is now a permanent service that is offered by the Wellbeing team.

Wellbeing Advisors are specifically trained in motivational interviewing and behavioural change techniques to really help support those wishing to quit and become tobacco free. People are four times more likely to quit successfully if they have professional support from an advisor, compared to trying alone.

People can find out more by contacting Chichester Wellbeing on 01243 521041 or email

Date of release: 13 November 2019

Reference: 3938