In a review of street trading regulations, Chichester District Council will soon be consulting with key stakeholders to see if they would welcome street trading, for example markets, in more areas of the city centre.

This decision follows the council's recent Events Consultation in which residents, businesses and visitors said that they would like to see more events in Chichester.

Currently, with the exception of the pedestrianised areas of East Street, North Street, Crane Street and part of St Martin's Street, street trading is prohibited. A review of this approach will consider the benefits of extending the area of consent to include all of the city's four main shopping streets and side streets, which would offer greater flexibility for local events, open up Chichester's side streets, and encourage visitors to explore other areas of the city.

"We know that our residents and visitors would appreciate having more diverse trade and events in the city, and that there is a desire from retailers and event organisers to deliver these," says Councillor Norma Graves, Cabinet Member for Housing, Communications, Licensing and Events.

"Exploring a different approach to street trading regulations in Chichester could help meet this demand. It would also support the aims of both our developing Events Strategy and the Chichester Vision, which has identified the significant benefits that events could offer the city and the district as a whole."

Chichester District Council will now consult with partners such as, West Sussex County Council, Chichester City Council, Chichester BID, about this proposal.