Chichester District Council successfully bid for a £52,500 government grant from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, in order to encourage more people to use electric vehicles and to support existing electric vehicle drivers. This grant will be used towards the purchase and installation costs of the new charging points in eight of the council's car parks across the district.

The charging points, which will be installed by the end of the year, will be installed in Bosham, East Wittering, Midhurst, Chichester, Petworth and Selsey. Users will be able to pay for the service and electricity, either through an app, or by paying with a card provided by the service provider.

"As a council we are committed to improving air quality and making steps to try and tackle climate change. This project is one of many ways we are trying to make a difference," says Cllr Penny Plant, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Chichester Contract Services at Chichester District Council.

"If we want people to move towards using electric vehicles, we have to make it easier for people to charge their cars. We've thought carefully about where to locate the chargers and identified key locations where visitors will be encouraged to stop and explore, while their car charges, so that they spend time and money in the district.

"The majority of chargers will also be installed in car parks close to housing without driveways or garages, giving householders the option of purchasing an electric vehicle.

"We're very grateful for the grant we received from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and for the support we received from the Energy Saving Trust in helping us to submit our bid."

The charging points will be installed in:

  • Bosham Lane car park, Bosham;
  • Northern Crescent car park, East Wittering;
  • North Street car park, Midhurst;
  • East Pallant car park, Chichester;
  • Northgate car park, Chichester;
  • Avenue de Chartres car park, Chichester;
  • Pound Street car park, Petworth; and
  • East Street car park, Selsey.

The council has also started to purchase electric cars for its own services. Two electric vehicles are now being used by the council's parking service to carry out daily enforcement patrols.

"As a council, we have made a commitment to purchase electric cars and vans when existing vehicles need to be replaced. This is as long as they meet the business needs of specific services and offer best value to the council," says Cllr Tony Dignum, Cabinet Member for Finance, Place, Growth and Regeneration at Chichester District Council.

"We are really pleased with the electric vehicles that we have purchased and we hope to replace some of our other vehicles in the near future. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they also offer significant savings over the lifetime of the vehicle."

Anyone thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle can also currently access a grant of up to £3,500  from the Government if they purchase a new car.

Date of release: 13 August 2019

Reference: 3916