Nigel Harris, who owns Home Bakery in Oakfield Road, was fined £800 and ordered to pay £2,590 in costs after pleading guilty to two offences under the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 at Worthing Magistrates' Court on Friday 26 July 2019.

The incident took place in July 2018 and was immediately reported to the bakery and Chichester District Council's Environmental Health Service.

After receiving the complaint, the council sent one of its Environmental Health Officers to the bakery to investigate and found a further pastry containing live maggots.

District Judge Kelly, acknowledged that this was a very serious offence, but accepted that Mr Harris had made changes to his stock rotation procedures and that this was hopefully a one off incident. The aggravating factor was that Mr Harris had been made aware of the complaint, but had failed to immediately remove any other potentially contaminated products.

Mr Harris' business has recently been inspected and was awarded a top food hygiene rating of 5. The Judge took this into account when making her final judgement.

"This case sends a strong message to all food operators that we will take legal action if food safety standards are found to be unacceptable," says Cllr Penny Plant, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Chichester District Council.

"We're very pleased that Mr Harris has taken measures to avoid this happening again and that his business has now achieved a top food hygiene rating of 5. The action taken in this case has resulted in a positive outcome for everyone." 

Date of release: 30 July 2019

Reference: 3911