Chichester District Council's Cabinet met on Tuesday 8 January to discuss suggested projects for the council's 2019 - 2020 Corporate Plan.

Among the projects being recommended are:

• East Beach Selsey land/asset opportunities

• East Wittering and Bracklesham vision

• review of Chichester District Parking Strategy

• Priory Park Phase 2 Option Appraisal

• business plan feasibility work for The Novium Museum, and

• emerging Vision projects across the district.

Councillor Tony Dignum, Leader of Chichester District Council, said: "Two of our council priorities are to manage our built and natural environments to promote and maintain a positive sense of place and improve and support the local economy to enable appropriate local growth. All the projects identified are geared towards meeting these priorities. A lot of the emphasis is about improving public spaces so they are attractive both in terms of visual appearance and in what they offer to visitors and residents which in turn will support the local economy."

The East Beach project in Selsey will look at options for improving the area around the kiosk to enhance its visitor appeal and welcome. Possibilities could include retail, café/restaurant uses and providing facilities for recreational activities such as diving (for example showers) and walking. The project would also look at how public toilets are provided and how the project as a whole could link with both the fishing community and the legacy of Sir Patrick Moore.

A project to develop a Vision for East Wittering and Bracklesham will aim to foster economic and community sustainability. The vision will create an environment which helps increase and encourage new investment, improve trade and maintain shop vacancy rates as well as increase visitor numbers and tourist spend.

Work on the second phase of improvements to Priory Park in Chichester will look at the opportunities available for enhancing and making the most effective use of several park buildings including the brick, bowls and cricket pavilions and the public toilet block. This project will also consider current and potential commercial opportunities.

Further feasibility work on The Novium Museum business plan will take place which will include looking at potential opportunities for generating extra income and reducing costs. Work will also include looking at better use of space around the current museum entrance, shop and café area and the potential for enhancing the café and increasing floor space on the ground floor.

Members of the public can listen to audio recordings after Cabinet and Council meetings by going to the Committees page and following the link to 'meeting agendas and minutes'. 

Date of release: 9 January 2019

Reference: 3868