The system allows the recording and publishing of council, cabinet, Planning Committee, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and Corporate Governance and Audit Committee meetings online.

"The audio recording of key meetings is great for local democracy and allows local people to listen to meetings at a time that suits them," says Councillor Peter Wilding, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services at Chichester District Council.

"This means that democracy is accessible for everyone, including people who may find it hard to attend council meetings in person. It also provides many benefits to staff; saving officer time required to hand record minutes, which without this system would have to be a lot more detailed."

The audio recording system has been through significant testing and improvements since its pilot began in January 2016, and is now a permanent facility for the public.

Recordings of meetings can be found online by visiting the page for the relevant meeting and following the link to meetings agendas and minutes.

Date of release: 9 January 2019

Reference: 3869