Work done to date:



Stage 1 - Summer 2017

We invited you to complete a questionnaire in June 2017, to help us develop our Preferred Approach. These responses have helped us to draft the next stage of the plan.

Stage 2 - Winter 2018/Early 2019

We invited you to comment on the Local Plan: Preferred Approach. We also asked other interested parties such as developers and authorities responsible for roads, health and education services to provide us with feedback.

Stage 3 - Mid-late 2019

We considered the responses to the consultation. A report to council in December 2019 set out the main issues raised on part 1 of the Plan - Strategic policies and allocations and a way forward was considered.

Stage 4 - Spring/ Summer 2020

Further work was carried out on key areas such as development needs, land availability, the options for the A27, waste water capacity and nitrates in Chichester Harbour. This required support from key organisations, including Statutory agencies such as Highways England, the Environment Agency and Natural England, infrastructure providers such as Southern Water and landowners.

Stage 5 - Autumn 2020

Considered options to meet development needs.  Progress made on technical studies on land availability and development constraints was used to inform a revised development strategy.

The Stages below reflect the milestones set out in the Local Development Scheme approved at Council on 12 March 2021.

StageDescriptionWhat needs to happen for the Plan to progress to the next stage

Stage 6 - Testing strategy

Winter 2020/Spring 2021

Further work to test implications of emerging development strategy.

This requires support from key organisations, including Statutory agencies such as Highways England, the Environment Agency and Natural England; landowners providing sufficient information on potential development sites; and infrastructure providers such as West Sussex County Council and Southern Water.

Stage 7 - Report on Way Forward

Summer 2021

Produce Council Report on Local Plan, Strategic Infrastructure and Way Forward.The Council needs evidence and advice from infrastructure providers and funders concerning if strategic infrastructure can be provided in time to support the full level of growth set out in the Plan.

Stage 8 - Publishing the Plan

Spring 2022

Publishing the Plan for all parties to make further comments.

Sufficient progress needs to be made to confirm that the Plan is supported and justified by evidence and that a robust, sound plan can be submitted to Government.

Stage 9 - Submitting the Plan                              

Summer 2022

Submitting the Plan to Government, at which point the Examination of the Plan is directed by an independent Planning Inspector.

To enable the Plan to be submitted, no significant new issues have arisen following publication of the Plan.

Stage 10 - Examination and Adoption

Autumn 2022 - Spring 2023

The Examination includes public hearings where the Inspector will consider the evidence in support of the Plan as well as the representations received.The Inspector may recommend changes that are necessary to allow the Plan to be adopted.  These "main modifications" will need to be incorporated into the Plan before it can be adopted.