Research has shown that 70% of wasted food could have been eaten at some point prior to being thrown away. Of that, 41% is just not used in time and 25% is thrown away because too much food was prepared or cooked.

This is the equivalent of nearly 20 rubbish trucks full of food being thrown away every day in West Sussex - and throwing food away costs. On average residents are throwing away the equivalent of £20 per person per month, or £70 per month for a family of four. This amount rises at Christmas when many families fill their cupboards with festive treats that don't always get eaten in time.

Councillor Roger Barrow, Cabinet Member for Residents Services at Chichester District Council, says "It's shocking to see how much food is wasted in West Sussex but by working together, we can reduce this figure in the Chichester District."

Chichester District Council is working with the West Sussex Waste Partnership to encourage residents to shop smarter and make the most of their leftovers to reduce the amount of food that ends up in the bin.

"We all like to indulge over Christmas but we must be careful not to buy too much food that only ends up being thrown away," says Cllr Barrow.

"Simple things such as taking a list with you when you go food shopping; avoiding going shopping when you're hungry; and using leftover food to create new meals, are ways we can all help in the fight against food waste."

Households across Chichester District are also being encouraged to make a note of any changes to their waste and recycling collections over the festive period.

The Garden Recycling Service will stop over Christmas and New Year from Friday 21 December and will start again on Monday 7 January.

The changes to waste and recycling collections over Christmas and New Year are as follows:

Normal collection day

Pre-Christmas week

Christmas week

New Year



New Year week

Return to normal collection day


Mon 17 Dec

Mon 24 Dec


Wed 2 Jan

Tue 8 Jan

Mon 14 Jan


Tue 18 Dec

Thu 27 Dec

Thu 3 Jan

Wed 9 Jan

Tue 15 Jan


Wed 19 Dec

Fri 28 Dec

Fri 4 Jan

Thu 10 Jan

Wed 16 Jan


Thu 20 Dec

Sat 29 Dec

Sat 5 Jan

Fri 11 Jan

Thu 17 Jan


Fri 21 Dec

Tue 31 Dec

Mon 7 Jan

Sat 12 Jan

Fri 18 Jan

Collection days will return to normal from Monday 14 January 2019. Residents can download and print out their own personalised waste, recycling and garden recycling collection dates.

Any extra waste from the holiday period will be picked up by collection crews on the first collection after Christmas.

If residents have any extra recycling, they need to ensure that it is kept clean, dry and loose and placed next to their recycling bin on the day of collection.

Residents that subscribe to the council's Garden Recycling service can leave their real Christmas trees out with their collection to be recycled.

Date of release: 10 December 2018

Reference: 3861