We spend over £1 million keeping our district clean and tidy, as well as cleaning up after those who are ruining our environment. We believe that if we could reduce fly tipping, dog fouling and littering, some of the £1 million could be saved and spent on more important community services.

Last year, we introduced our Against Litter campaign. As part of this work, we trialled a litter enforcement scheme and we encouraged you to support our campaign, including alerting us to problems and taking pride in your local area by visiting our Against Litter section.

We would like to thank you for your support so far. The response has been very positive with people telling us that they want us to take action against those who litter, fly tip and do not clean up after their dogs. In the first quarter of the trial, we issued over 500 penalty notices to those caught littering. Since, the campaign started, we've seen a reduction in the amount of litter we are collecting and the number of tickets issued - which is great news! All of the money collected from the fines has been paying for the service. We don't want to issue fines, but it does seem to be making a difference and so we will continue to monitor this.

However, our campaign does not stop there!

We'd like to invite you to 'Adopt an Area' and help us to keep our district beautiful.

Whether you are a resident, community group, school or business you can take part in our 'Adopt an Area' scheme. The area you adopt can be as small as the pavement outside your home, a favourite footpath, play area, village or shop frontage. All we ask is that you encourage people to take pride in their local area; report any problems to us, such as fly tipping, extensive littering or continuous issues of dog fouling; and help to keep the area clean by getting involved in, or organising, community clear ups.

We are not asking you to do our job for us. Instead, we are asking for your support and to be our eyes and ears in your local community. We look after one of the largest districts in the country - covering a total of 303 square miles. By working with you, we will be able to better respond to the issues facing our district and to protect its beautiful heritage.

We are lucky to have a number of wonderful groups and individuals who make a huge contribution to keeping our district clean and tidy. As part of this campaign, we want to shine a light on these community heroes and the work that they do.

I would also like to thank the Observer Series for pledging their support to this very important campaign. Like us, they believe that caring for our area is vitally important and they will be working closely with us over the coming months.

Please work with us and support this important campaign by visiting our Adopt An Area page or calling 01243 785166.

Best wishes,

Roger Barrow

Cabinet Member for Resident Services

Chichester District Council

April 2018