Our beautiful city is famous for its cathedral, historic cross and its Roman heritage. While our wider district, is renowned for its stunning countryside and coastline. However, what I believe will interest you most is the people who live and work here. It's my belief that they have a lot in common with both of you. They share your passion for the arts, culture, conservation, community causes and charities. And they are very proud and protective of the place that they call home.

We hope that your visit to our area will become one of many and that over time you are able to discover the area and get to know our incredible people - both in an official and personal capacity. Chichester and its surrounding communities are so special. One of our biggest strengths is that we have close-knit communities, that go that extra mile to help those who are vulnerable and in need. This is invaluable in a district that is 303 square miles and largely rural. Working closely with you we believe that we will be able to highlight what the district has to offer and share its story with a much wider audience.

Over the years, our area has developed strong connections with your family. Last year, your grandmother, the Queen, visited our internationally recognised Chichester Festival Theatre - a place that we believe the Duchess of Sussex will love! The Queen also visited one of the special charities located within the district - Canine Partners - which partners specially trained assistance dogs with people who have physical disabilities. More recently, we were also lucky enough to welcome the Countess of Wessex, who opened the UK's first dementia hub at Tangmere in May of this year. We believe that your roles, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will enhance this special relationship even further and we very much look forward to working closely with you to develop this.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and we look forward to welcoming you back very soon.

Best wishes


Cllr Tony Dignum

Leader of Chichester District Council