Countryside Properties will help deliver the site which was identified as one of the strategic development locations under the council's Local Plan. The site will include 1,000 homes plus a wealth of community facilities.

"We are pleased to be partnering with Countryside Properties to help bring these new homes to Tangmere," says Councillor Susan Taylor, Cabinet Member for Planning at Chichester District Council. "The selection is based on who we believe can best deliver the comprehensive development of the site, in line with the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan policies. The selection process also involved examining how well the prospective partner understood our requirements, their ability to work in partnership, the strength of their delivery team and their financial offer."

A total of 13 companies contacted the council with expressions of interest about becoming a development partner. Three of the submissions met the criteria and scored much higher than the others and were taken forward to the detailed assessment and interview stage. Countryside Properties scored the highest.

Countryside Properties will now start talking to landowners to see how the site land can be assembled through negotiation. At the same time work will take place on preparing a Compulsory Purchase Order, in case this route does not work.

The company will also start work on a masterplan for the site before a planning application is submitted. A consultation will take place with the parish council and local residents and it is expected that work on this will start in October 2018.

Chichester District Council is working closely with Tangmere Parish Council on this project and is using the parish council's Neighbourhood Plan to help shape the new development. Plans include:

  • a new school
  • a small retail hub
  • open spaces, and
  • a cycle path to connect with Chichester.

The aim is to unite the existing village with the new development by placing the school and the shopping hub in the centre of the two areas.

"Housing is so desperately needed in our area and so this is an important site," says Councillor Susan Taylor, Cabinet Member for Planning at Chichester District Council. "Thirty per cent of the development will be made up of affordable housing. The development will also provide funds for a brand new, state of the art school, which will provide even more opportunities for the area. Most importantly, the development will take account of the aspirations of the local residents because we are using the village's neighbourhood plan to help shape it. We are very grateful for the support and assistance that Tangmere Parish Council is giving us with this major project."

Tangmere Parish Council Chairman, Andrew Irwin, says:  "The appointment of a development partner for the Tangmere strategic site marks a significant step forwards in the process that was started with the Chichester Local Plan and the Tangmere Neighbourhood Plan.

"The parish council is looking forward to helping shape the development in partnership with the successful team, and is confident that the resultant plans will achieve the vision that underpinned the Neighbourhood Plan.

"Residents can be reassured that the objectives for the development that they supported in the referendum will be delivered, and at the conclusion of this project Tangmere will be a place in which people will be proud to live."

The Local Plan helps to meet the council's identified housing and employment needs and deliver a range of housing and job opportunities over the next 15 years. Every council is required to have a Local Plan.

As well as helping to protect the area by controlling development, it also helps to make sure that residents and their families can continue to live and work locally; it helps support local businesses and assists them to grow; and it helps provide adequate services, travel choices and community facilities.

Date of release: 4 September

Reference: 3834