Believe it or not, we spend £1 million every year on making sure that the district is clean and tidy.  If people didn't drop litter, fly tip, or allow their dogs to foul, some of this money could be spent on other more important services.

As councillors we understand how frustrating it is when our local communities have to deal with dog fouling, fly tipping and litter. We regularly receive emails and receive phone calls from our residents who are fed up with having to deal with their local area being ruined by a small minority of people.

This is why we are launching our 'Against Litter' campaign in order to bring everyone together in the fight against this crime. This will involve various projects as well as working closely with you, community groups and local businesses.

As part of a trial partnership project, enforcement officers from East Hampshire District will be patrolling our streets and taking action against littering and dog fouling from the beginning of November.

It is a crime to drop litter or to leave your dog's mess behind. Those caught dropping litter will receive an on the spot fine of £80, and this reduces to £60 if it is paid within 14 days. Those who do not clear up their dog's mess will receive an on the spot fine of £100, with this reducing to £75 if it is paid within 14 days. If the fines are not paid and a case goes to court, the maximum penalty for littering is £2,500 and £1,000 for dog fouling.

We want to stress that this is not about money. The fines are not intended to provide an income for the council; they will just pay for the service.

We also want to remind people that dropping cigarette ends is also classed as dropping litter. It takes up to 10 years for a cigarette to decompose, so please, make sure you put it in the bin.

As part of this project, we will also be improving bin facilities across the district, and replacing some of our older bins.

We will be encouraging community groups and businesses to adopt an area and take pride in their patch, as well as celebrating the fantastic work of our community heroes, many of whom spend hours cleaning up after others.

We will be advising trades people to make sure that any loads that they are carrying on their vans are securely fastened. It cost the council £60,000 for one clean-up of the section of the A27 in our district! As part of this, we collected 15 small vanloads of car parts that had fallen off the back of trucks!

We will be encouraging you to report fly tips and litter hotspots and as part of a partnership project with Trading Standards, the Police and the Fire Service, we will be placing cameras in hotspots to crack down on fly tipping. It is a crime to fly tip and can result in a prison sentence and an unlimited fine.

This is all about keeping our district clean and beautiful, so please join our fight against litter by finding out more about our campaign.

Best wishes,

Cllr Roger Barrow

Cabinet Member for Contract Services at Chichester District Council

October 2017