The level of excess cold is double that of the national average. This is putting many people at risk of health problems, especially respiratory illness, because they do not live in a warm home. 

We think that this is unacceptable and have committed £327,000 over the next five years into our Chichester Warm Homes Initiative to help tackle this issue and assist those most in need. The money will pay for efficient heating systems, as well as loft and wall insulation.

You may wonder why I am talking about this now, when spring is turning into summer, and the temperature has started to increase. However, this is the best time to make a difference, because we can start the process now and get the heating improvements in place in time for the winter.  

We really want people to be aware of this scheme, so please tell your friends and neighbours. To qualify you need to be over 18; receiving a means tested benefit, disabled living allowance or personal independence payment; or have less than £16,000 in savings and an income of less than £20,000 per year. Homeowners can apply to us directly, while tenants that qualify need to ask their landlords to apply on their behalf. Landlords will also be expected to contribute £1,000 to the costs. We are offering up to £5,000 for the installation of a gas-fired central heating system and thermal insulation; or £8,000 for off-gas systems including thermal insulation.

I really believe that this scheme could transform the lives of those who are most in need - whether young or old. So, if this scheme could benefit you, please get in contact us with us and let's make sure that you are warm this winter. Please also encourage any relatives and friends who may benefit from this scheme to apply. To find out more, or to apply, please contact our  Chichester Wellbeing team.

Best Wishes
Cllr Tony Dignum
Leader of Chichester District Council

May 2016