Residents' Visitor Permits (RVP's) are available to resident's to purchase for their visitors or tradespeople to enable them to park in Permit Holder bays within the Controlled Parking Zones. These are now sold to be zone specific and may only be used within the permit holder bays within particular roads and streets included within a zone.

Resident Visitor Permits are not available for the city centre (Zone E).


Cost of new RVP's
Visitor permit costs

Type of Resident Visitor Permit 



Maximum Purchase 

Valid for Zones

2 Hourly

1 book of 10 permits


5 Books

F, G, H, H2, J, K, L, M, N, O


1 book of 5 permits

1 book of 5 Permits



5 Books

5 Books

F, G, H, K, L,O



1 permit (sold singly)

1 Permit (sold singly)



4 Permits

4 Permits

F, G, H, K, L,,O


A combination of up to 5 types of RVP's can be purchased per visit (excluding Weekly RVP's):

  • 3 X 2 Hourly + 2 X Daily
  • or;
  • 4 X Daily + 1 X Weekly

A maximum of 4 X Weekly RVP's can be purchased at one time.

There may be occasions where the council will consider issuing weekly permits to customers who are on waiting lists. The council will monitor the sale of RVP's to ensure that these are not being used as an alternative to Resident Permits.

Buying Residents' visitor permits


RVP's are available to buy from Chichester District Council, East Pallant House. Each time these are purchased, we will check or ask to see 'proof of residency' of the property and without this information we are unable to sell them. Proof of residency may include:

  • Council Tax Bill
  • Utility Bills (dated within the last 3 months)
  • Tenancy Agreement

We no longer require you to complete a form, we will simply request some information from you.

Parking Services always recommends that it is important to check that you have purchased RVP's that are valid for the correct zone and the correct period of time.

Using Residents' Visitor Permits

Using the scratch off panels (Day, Month, Hour, Minutes, Year), mark the correct details on the permit and display clearly in the vehicle. If displaying more than one, identical details should be marked on each permit. It is important that visitors or tradespeople using the permits have been fully informed how to use them.

Resident visitor permits - if you are unable to visit us


In exceptional circumstances, if you are unable to visit us, we are able to send you resident visitor permits. Each time these are purchased, we will require your proof of residency (e.g. council tax bill, Tenancy Agreement, Utility Bill) in order to process the request and politely ask that this information received prior to payment being made.

You can send your proof of residency with a stamped addresses envelope via post to East Pallant House or email and call us to make the payment:

Parking Services
Parking Services
East Pallant House
West Sussex
PO19 1TY
United Kingdom
01243 534500

Please note that we are unable to take payment for resident visitor permits until we have received the evidence required and we will return the permits to you as soon as possible.

Collecting Resident visitor permits on a resident's behalf

If you would like another person to collect the permits on your behalf, please ensure that they bring with them your proof of residency and a letter of authorisation, permitting the collection of these permits.

On-street parking is limited and therefore the sale of RVP's is monitored carefully and it may be necessary to restrict the number being sold if it is deemed that usage is too high. This helps to regulate parking in specific areas and reduce congestion.

Misuse of the permits or failure to display them correctly may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.