Christmas 2018

Please take note of the following information which covers the Christmas and New Year period.

As the council closes from 3.00pm, 24 December 2018 to 8.45am, 2 January 2019, some of our services will be affected during this time.


We always recommend that motorists check the signs and lines before parking. Civil Enforcement Officers will patrol as usual over the Christmas period and enforcement will continue as normal. This means that if for example, a Public/Bank Holiday falls on a day that the restriction is operative, the normal restrictions or conditions apply unless stated differently on the signs.

On street pay & display tickets or voucher parking is a method of paying for on street parking on Monday-Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:30.

Pay & display

  • The parking charge is £1.50 per hour (75p per 30 minutes).
  • Pay & display tickets from on street payment machines cannot be used in Permit holder only parking places or in car parks.


  • Current vouchers are being faded out but will still be honoured for on street parking.
  • Vouchers cost 20p, 40p, 50p and 60p (New Vouchers 35p & 70p) each and are available individually or in books of ten.
  • The parking charge is £1.50 per hour (75p per 30 minutes).
  • The maximum length of stay is one hour.
  • Vouchers cannot be used in Permit holder only parking places or in car parks.
  • Upon arrival, scratch off five panels on the parking voucher(s) to indicate your arrival time; Day, Month, Date, Hour, Minute (to next five minutes).
  • Display the voucher(s) by folding the top edge and hanging it/them inside the vehicle window which is facing the nearest kerb.
  • You are liable to a penalty charge notice if you park beyond your selected parking period.
  • Blue (Disabled) Badge holders are not subject to time limits or payment when parked in a voucher parking bay.
  • Motor cycles can be parked without charge.
  • The price per 30 minutes is also detailed on the pay and display machines, I would advise checking these on every occasion as these now state the payment information you require rather than the "check street signs" as per the voucher.