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Current Local Plan 1999

The Chichester District Local Plan first review was adopted in April 1999. It provides policies to guide development in our district. It allocates particular areas as suitable for housing, industry, shopping or other uses such as recreation. The Local Plan is used to make decisions on planning applications ranging from household extensions to major development.

From 28 September 2007, some of the policies in the Local Plan ceased to have effect. The remaining policies continue to be part of the development plan and are known as 'Saved Policies'. An Addendum of Saved Policies and the status of the Development Plan can be viewed under related documents.

Copies of the Local Plan are available for viewing at all our offices.

Correction: In the Shopping Policy, Inset Map 1 Chichester - Numbers 5 and 6 West Street Chichester are shown on Inset Map 1 as being in the Primary Shopping Frontage. This is incorrect. They are in the Secondary Shopping Frontage. This is confirmed by Policies S2 and S3.

Please note:

  • We have adopted a number of Conservation Area Character Appraisals (CACA) that include changes to Conservation Area boundaries. Please see Conservation for more information.
  • Inset Map 1 does not show Brandy Hole Copse Local Nature Reserve. For more information about the Local Nature Reserve, please see Biodiversity.
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