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HeartSmart Walks


The latest programme of walks from October 2014 to January 2015 is now available.

Walking is a great way to take exercise but sometimes it can be difficult if you:

  • don't know where you can walk
  • don't have anyone to walk with
  • feel unsafe to walk alone

HeartSmart walks are arranged locally by trained volunteer walk leaders. Click on the HeartSmart programme link for details.

We aim to show you routes, encourage you to keep your heart healthy and help you meet other people you might like to walk with.

Please note that walks will continue if it is raining, walks will only be cancelled in extreme weather conditions. If you are unsure please contact The Health Development Team to check.

Some of the comments from current walkers of how the scheme has improved their health:

  • Feeling happy and energised
  • Feeling fitter and meeting people
  • Having more stamina and enjoying lovely company
  • Enjoy good exercise in the fresh air
  • Gets me out of the house and meeting people

Meaning of Health to Walkers:

  • Living longer, feeling fitter, enjoying life
  • Feeling energetic and positive about life
  • Keeping fit and independent in retirement
  • Being able to do anything I want to do
  • Being able to enjoy life to the full
  • Having a good, healthy heart, normal blood pressure and good circulation

"Yes, fresh air, beauty, exercise and socialising must be good for one and all."

- Martin Coates, Chichester

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