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Affordable housing to rent

You can apply for housing through the Chichester Housing Partnership. We work with local Registered Providers of Social Housing (RPs, also known as housing associations). Together, we aim to provide accommodation for people in housing need.

New Housing Application

We manage the Chichester Housing Partnership Register on behalf of our partners by processing the housing application forms and providing advice and support to applicants and the RPs throughout the process.

The RP partners own about 7,000 properties across the district of various types, including houses, flats, bungalows and sheltered or supported accommodation.

There is a very large demand to live in the district and the supply of affordable homes is low. Consequently, most applicants can expect to wait many years.

If you are interested in Shared Ownership or Intermediate Rent, please also fill in an application to Moat. This can be done online on the Moat Housing Association website.


Applications should be completed online wherever possible. In exceptional circumstances a paper form can be requested from the Homemove Team. Paper forms will only be issued where it can be demonstrated that the applicant has no means to complete the application online either by themselves or with support. The application form will be considered carefully and we will contact you if we require further information. Once it's registered, we will send out an acknowledgement, including details of how to contact us for further advice.

We must be advised of changes to your circumstances or changes to your address so we can review your application. Please find the appropriate form to complete under related documents.

Choice Based Letting System - Sussex Homemove

Choice Based Lettings has been implemented to give applicants more choice in deciding where they want to live. This does not mean that more homes will be available. However, it will give you more information about vacant properties and what types of home are being offered. Properties will be advertised fortnightly on the Homemove website. Eligible applicants can bid for (express an interest in) these homes.

This system does not change the way in which you apply to join the housing register. 

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