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Validation of planning applications

We are very sorry to advise that due to the volume of applications being submitted, the Administration Team currently has a registration backlog. We are working hard to reduce this as quickly as possible. In the meantime if you have an enquiry relating to a newly submitted planning application, please e-mail Mrs Sam Carter, Administration Manager


Planning application fees

Please see Planning applications to look at or comment on current planning applications. We have provided advice and tips to help you with this.

For information about whether you need planning permission and how to apply, see our Planning advice and guidance pages.

To complete and submit an application online, please access the Planning Portal. Alternatively, to find application forms that can be sent by post, go to Planning - make an application. Here you will also find a list of the Planning application fees.

If you wish to send us information or plans electronically to accompany your existing planning application, please view our full contact details on how to get in touch.

To view the current Development Plan Document Saved Policies against which planning applications are assessed please go to Local Plan.

Go to Planning links for the websites of other organisations which will be able to help you with specific information and expert advice.


Accredited Agents Scheme

An Accredited Agents Scheme is now available for householder developments to help speed up registration and processing of planning applications. Please see the Agents Accreditation Scheme page for forms and guidance.

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