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Management of Chichester's Historic and Natural Environments

Chichester District has a unique blend of city, coast and countryside. It is an area of immense variety and beauty, comprised of rich downland features in the north through a plain endowed with natural resources essential to a modern country, to the variety of wetlands in the coastal and harbour areas in the south. Taken together they create an environment that is worthy of protection, with thousands of protected trees, a considerable number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest and nearly three quarters of the district being classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Midhurst Ruins

Chichester also has a wealth of cultural heritage second to none with protected monuments, buildings, conservation areas, parks and gardens. These help to shape our modern communities, giving them a sense of history, place and identity that many places lack today. These assets are what local people treasure and expect us to promote and protect and they have to be managed and looked after, alongside the challenges presented with modern development.

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