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August 2011 edition


Welcome to the third edition of the Chichester Rural Housing Partnership's newsletter. Following the local elections held in May this year, we are very pleased to introduce Chichester District Council's new Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning, Councillor Janet Duncton.

Councillor Duncton is a member of the Local Development Framework Panel and a member of the Council's Cabinet (amongst other duties). With such a large proportion of the district classified as rural, and with documented affordability issues, she sees the delivery of high quality, efficient rural affordable housing as key to the sustainability of the district.

Cllr. Duncton

She says: "I am a supporter of the countryside, people and animals. Communities are the lifeblood of rural areas equally as much as in urban areas. Housing is probably the most important item in life as long as there is enough food to eat and housing of some quality with up to date facilities. I believe that the work of the Chichester Rural Housing Partnership is vital to the success of our communities.

"I would love to hear your comments on how we can help the sustainability of your villages and I look forward to working with many of you over the coming years."

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