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Census 2011

According to Census 2011, a total population for Chichester District was estimated to be 113,794 of which 47.8% were male and 52.2% were female.

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Please see a summary of data below:

  • Almost one in three households in Chichester District is classified as single person occupancy. This is generally in line with county, regional and national averages.
  • The percentage of people who stated Christianity as their religion equates to 66.1% of the population, this has fallen from 77.3% in 2001 (a fall of 7,012 people) but still remains the highest religion or belief in Chichester District. The category for people stating that they have no religion has increased the most within Chichester District, showing an additional 12,784 people and equates to 24.6% of the population.
  • 'Shared Ownership' housing (where properties are part owned and part rented) saw an increase of 138.2% between 2001 and 2011, from 191 to 455 properties. This is reflective of the need for affordable homes in Chichester District, and the drive for more mixed communities (This is the 2nd highest increase in West Sussex).
  • Chichester District has a high percentage of people who are self-employed with 14.5%. This is the highest in West Sussex and is higher than county, regional and national averages.
  • As at 2011, Chichester District has the highest number of full time students in West Sussex (6,266).

Should you wish to interact with this data visually, please use the Office for National Statistics offsite link available on this page. 

All Census 2011 and Census 2001 data is publically available through the Office for National Statistics website.  Our analysis report of Census data on Chichester District is available on this page, as well as the Census form to private households for 2011.  If you require data from any previous Census, please contact the Office for National Statistics directly.

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