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Choose Work Bridges the Gap!


This month, Choose Work has been transforming the Job Centre 'talk at' lecture about the dos and don'ts of CVs and interviews to an inclusive workshop that inspires and encourages young people to use creativity and their own 'Unique Selling Point' as individuals in their career development.

The first thing we remind the assembled young people - all of whom have been 'mandated' to attend the information session - is that they are the future of our nation and that they're valued as such. This simple - and some might say 'cheesy' - intro, is precisely what's needed to let the young citizens know that they are being branded with the right 'P': as potential rather than as problems.

Next we ask questions: What do you want to do? How has your job search been? Are you happy with your CV - does it represent you rather than religiously following a bland template? Answers start flowing, as does the conversation and, more importantly, peer support and encouragement. We also throw a beach ball around, but you'd have to be there to understand!

At the end of the session, participants have a renewed enthusiasm for job seeking and recognise their successes. Early feedback suggests that, over time, the Choose Work approach will develop the aspirations of local young people, creating a more effective, committed and energetic human resource for business.

Choose Work is also beginning a fresh series of the highly successful - and free to attend - 'Choose A Future'  personal development workshops, 8 weeks that will change your life...for the better. Choose A Future is for out of work - or slightly lost - people in the Chichester district, of all ages, from all backgrounds, some with low-level mental health issues. It's funded by Chichester Wellbeing and takes place at The Novium on Wednesday mornings from 15 October until 17 December. There will be another 'Choose A Future' course running from January - March 2015 at the New Park Centre.



'Become an Apprentice' Event 22 October
Is your business able to offer an Apprenticeship? Come to the 'Become an Apprentice' event on 22 October! Supported by Chichester District Council, WSCC, Chichester College and National Apprenticeship Service, this event will bring together local young people looking for apprenticeship opportunities and the businesses who can provide them.

  • Venue : Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester PO19 1LQ
  • Date : Wednesday 22 October
  • Time : 2pm-4pm

Contact Kim Pellett, Economic Development Officer for Chichester District Council.


PwC Funding for Growth seminar
Regional help for SMEs
23 October 2014


Funding for Growth seminar on 23 October 2014.

Coast to capital, in conjunction with Invest & Fund, Let's Do Business Group and Sussex Innovation Centre, are hosting a seminar on 23 October 2014 at PwC Gatwick, The Portland Building, 25 High Street, Crawley, RH10 1BG.
• Discover and understand sources of funding that are available to growing businesses and other support that is available;
• Learn how to prepare for financing applications, what the common pitfalls are and how to ensure the right, quality information is available; and
• Network with like-minded businesses and professional advisors who can support your business in the future.
RSVP by email to with your name, company name, position and email address. Places are limited so please let them know as soon as possible!
8.00am - Registration and a light breakfast
8.30am - Presentations commence including Mike Herd of Sussex Innovation Centre and a panel session including
• Mike Herd - Coast to Capital & Sussex Innovation Centre
• David Turner - Invest & Fund
• Ian Smallwood - Lets do Business Group
• Mathew Atkinson - PwC Deals
9.30am - Coffee & networking
10.00am - Close
Questions for the panel can be submitted in advance by emailing or alternatively, can be asked on the day.
Dress code: Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in - business dress or smart casual.
The seminar will be a fantastic opportunity for you to understand the financing opportunities that are available in your region, the common areas where applications fail and insight into what we are currently seeing in the market.

Choose Work - an amazing journey for your business!

It all depends how you view the local, currently unemployed, workforce. A problem to solve? A drain on the public purse? A source of cheap labour? Or a deep pool of latent potential, ready to dive into... to explore, to find the oyster, to discover the pearl!

Perhaps you could secure the grain of sand that transforms, magically, into a valuable pearl. That's the best way of looking at Choose Work. Choose Work helps you - the employer - to find and nurture the most valuable resources at your disposal. This talent exists all around us.

Like individual grains of sand, local talent can be difficult to identify and differentiate. But also like sand, all of our currently unemployed (we at Choose Work HQ like to call them 'under-potentiated') are nascent pearls. Full of the beauty and joy that a precious stone can provide.

Choose Work can provide the grain of sand. You are the oyster!

Find out more from Steve Hill, our Choose Work Co-ordinator:

Service upgrade!

Although the winter floods may seem a distant memory, our Business Support Officers (BSO's) are still assisting a number of businesses in dealing with the effects of the floods. Following the offer of Flood Support to a local business, the issue of technological infrastructure was raised. Due to a lack of broadband to their business, they couldn't expand and were having to consider relocating the business. On behalf of the business, our BSO liaised with the Broadband Delivery UK project team at County Hall to help coordinate a satisfactory outcome.  We were then able to deliver the great news that works will begin in July to upgrade the services available to the business. We are pleased to have been able to help them to remain, and to expand, in their present location. This is a great outcome for the individual business and for the district.

Distribution of over £44,000 to local businesses

The Economic Development Service have distributed over £44,000 to local businesses via our Website Enabling Grant Scheme. Currently 52 businesses from a wide variety of industries across the district have now received an Enabling Grant. 85% of these businesses are expecting to create additional jobs due to their improved websites. The current estimate from businesses is that 108 additional jobs will be created, with an additional 129 jobs safeguarded, due to the enabling grant project. 40% of the businesses expect the project to enable them to engage one or more apprentices. We are very encouraged by these figures, and will be monitoring the longer term outcomes.

Job Successes

Two "Choose Workers" placed with in Economic Development through the Choose Work programme, have now successfully found full-time jobs in the district. Both had experienced long periods of unemployment. One is now a Food & Beverage Manager, and the other is an Administration Officer. This is in addition to our recent University Placement student who secured full-time employment in an IT company. We are thrilled with  their success and wish all our candidates the very best in their new jobs.

Selsey Works

"Selsey Works" continues to be a popular satellite service offering specialist support to the Selsey community. George Smith, Economic Development's Business Support Officer, has been working regularly with local business people each week, helping them to access business support specific to their individual needs. Advice and information has been given on such diverse issues as planning, marketing, website development, importing and exporting opportunities, and business expansion. A great success has been a Selsey business taking vacant premises in Chichester city centre. Another triumph has been the facilitation of an unemployed labourer back into the work place. Potential start-up businesses have been provided with information on setting out business plans and the importance of completing marketing exercises such as a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). If you are a Selsey business person and would appreciate some face to face support, please email Business Support, or drop into the the "Selsey Works" office.

  • AGE 16 to 24 Apprenticeships

    This project is aimed at supporting businesses to grow by employing young people through the Apprenticeship programme. The National Apprenticeship Service can make Apprenticeship grants available to employers.

  • Better Connected update

    WSCC are aiming for the majority of West Sussex to access superfast fibre-based broadband speeds of 24Mbps, & to ensure that more than 90% of our county can access fibre-based broadband services by Spring 2016.

  • Free Workplace Health Scheme

    The Chichester District Council Wellbeing Service is now offering a free Workplace Health Scheme. Funded by the NHS, the scheme aims to improve the overall health & wellbeing of employees working at businesses across the District.

  • Pest Control Service - Birds

    If birds are a nuisance to your business with noise, droppings or nesting, the District Council’s Pest Control service can quickly and easily solve that problem with a gel repellent that fools the birds into believing that the building is on fire!

  • Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs

    Erasmus programme details for young Entrepreneurs

  • HM Revenue and Customs

    HM Revenue and Customs is responsible for collecting the bulk of tax revenue, as well as paying Tax Credits and Child Benefits.

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