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Coast to Capital - Chairman

Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership is looking to appoint a Chairman to lead the Board in shaping and driving the formation of Coast to Capital LEP, its strategies and work programme. For more details contact Ron Crank, Chief Executive - Coast to Capital. Contact details can be found in the application document, found under Related documents.

Britain's Hero Businesses

Victory Television is looking for companies to take part in a landmark programme which aims to help businesses grow revenue during these cash-strapped times. To find out more please contact Cher Adamson directly.

  • West Sussex Independent Economic Commission (WSIEC)

    West Sussex have established the WSIEC to review the main drivers and barriers to future growth in the County. The Commission is very keen to understand the views of business and is conducting surveys & events.

  • Better Connected

    BT and WSCC have confirmed the signing of the contract to provide super-fast Broadband. The project involves working with partners in district & borough councils, representatives from community & business interest groups, to transform broadband speeds.

  • AGE 16 to 24 Apprenticeships

    This project is aimed at supporting businesses to grow by employing young people through the Apprenticeship programme. The National Apprenticeship Service can make Apprenticeship grants available to employers.

  • Free Workplace Health Scheme

    The Chichester District Council Wellbeing Service is now offering a free Workplace Health Scheme. Funded by the NHS, the scheme aims to improve the overall health & wellbeing of employees working at businesses across the District.

  • Social Enterprise Fund

    West Sussex County Council has announced the launch of the Social Enterprise Fund for this financial year 2013-2014. Guidelines, Application Form and Financial Spreadsheet are all available.

  • Pest Control Service - Birds

    If birds are a nuisance to your business with noise, droppings or nesting, the District Council’s Pest Control service can quickly and easily solve that problem with a gel repellent that fools the birds into believing that the building is on fire!

  • Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs

    Erasmus programme details for young Entrepreneurs

  • HM Revenue and Customs

    HM Revenue and Customs is responsible for collecting the bulk of tax revenue, as well as paying Tax Credits and Child Benefits.

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