Current consultations

General Market Trial Consultation

We are contacting traders, businesses, residents and visitors to seek views on the trial of the general market currently held on a Wednesday in the city centre, and there is a separate survey for each of these groups. Historically Chichester has held a market at the Cattle Market Car Park on a Wednesday and Saturday morning and in more recent years a Farmers Market every other Friday in the city's pedestrian zone.

The trial of the general Wednesday market in the city centre has now been in place for 6 months. Please tell us your views on this particular market using the appropriate questionnaire before 12 April.


Chichester Vision Consultation

Please read the draft Chichester Vision document and then respond to the survey - both of which can be found on this page. This gives you the chance to comment on the ideas and suggestions contained within the Vision document. There will also be Public Exhibition Days throughout the City between the 13 and 17 February:

  • Monday 13 Feb 0900-2100 at the City Council
  • Wednesday 15 Feb 1200-1700 at Westgate Leisure Centre
  • Thursday 16 Feb 0900-1700 at Chichester College
  • Friday 17 Feb 1200-1700 at Chichester University
  • Friday 3 Mar 1100-1800 at East Pallant House in Committee Room 2
  • Saturday 4 Mar 1100-1500 in City Council Offices (The Old Courtroom), North Street

The Vision will serve as a template against which to test new projects and proposals emerging for the City. It will guide future economic and planning policy for the City, guide how future budgets and resources are allocated, and it will help attract inward investment.

Informed by face to face surveys and workshops attended by representatives  of community and business organisations, together with a comprehensive range of studies, this Vision places people at the heart of all we do.

Deliberately aspirational, the Vision's aim is to establish a framework in which we can protect the essence of our past while enhancing the future vitality of our city as the cultural capital of West Sussex, as a place of learning, and as an entrepreneurial retail and business centre.

Details of the businesses and organisations involved in developing the Vision are listed within the Vision document.

This consultation is now closed as of 19 March.

Proposed Public Spaces Protection Order - Control of Dogs

Notice is hereby given that Chichester District Council, in exercising its powers under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, sections 59-79, proposes to make a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for Dog Control.

The Council plans to keep the same controls and locations that are currently in place under the Dog Control Orders (DCOs).

The current DCOs (dog exclusion order, dog fouling order and dogs on lead by direction order) and maps are available on the Dog Advice and Information page of the website.

This consultation is now closed as of 15 March.