Chichester Local Plan Review: Preferred Approach Plan - Evidence Base - December 2018

Reference NumberDocumentDate
Primary Evidence
001Equalities Impact Assessment - Preferred ApproachDecember 2018
002Habitat Regulations Assessment: Chichester Local Plan ReviewNovember 2018


Housing and Economic Development Needs AssessmentJanuary 2018
004Housing and Economic Land Availability AssessmentAugust 2018

Open Space, Sport Facilities, Recreation Study and Playing Pitch Strategy

Open Space Executive Summary

Open Space Study Part 1 Final

Open Space Study Part 2 - Sub Area Analysis

Open Space Cost Calculator

Playing Pitch Strategy Executive Summary

Playing Pitch Strategy - Final Strategy

Playing Pitch Strategy - Final Action Plans

Playing Pitch Strategy - Standards for Playing Pitches

Playing Pitch Strategy - Stage C: Key Findings and Issues Report

Playing Pitch Strategy - Stage C: Final Needs Assessment Report

Appendix 1E - Pitch Supply and Demand

Built Facilities Executive Summary

Assessing Needs and Demands for Indoor Sports Facilities

Appendices - Indoor Sports Facilities Review

Community and Stakeholder Consultation Report

June/July 2018
006Infrastructure Delivery PlanDecember 2018

Landscape Capacity Study

Section A - Introduction

Section B - East-West Corridor Reports

Section C - Manhood Peninsula Reports

Section D - North-East Reports

Section E - Record Sheets

Section F - Appendices

December 2018

008Retail and Main Town Centre Uses StudyJuly 2018

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment


Appendix A - SFRA Appendix Mapping Grid

Appendix B - Historic Flooding Maps

Appendix C - Watercourses

Appendix D - Flood Zone Maps (District)

Appendix D - Flood Zone Maps (Tiles)

Appendix E - Climate Change Maps

Appendix F - Risk of Flooding from Surface Water Maps (District)

Appendix F - Risk of Flooding from Surface Water Maps (Tiles)

Appendix G - Groundwater (District)

Appendix G - Groundwater (Tiles)

Appendix H - Reservoir (District)

Appendix H - Reservoir (Tiles)

Appendix I - EA Flood Defences

Appendix J - Flood Warning and Alert Areas (District)

Appendix J - Flood Warning and Alert Areas (Tiles)

Appendix K - Site Screening

December 2018
010Sustainability Appraisal for the Chichester Local Plan Review Preferred ApproachOctober 2018
011Sustainability Appraisal - Non-technical SummaryNovember 2018
012Sustainability Appraisal - Scoping Report February 2017

Transport Study of Strategic Development Options and Sustainable Transport Measures

Main Report

Appendix A - Trip Rates Technical Note

Appendix B - Scenario 2 Outputs

Appendix C - Scenario 3 Outputs

Appendix D - Junction Performance Outputs

Appendix E - Scenario 1 Outputs for Havant and Arun

Appendix F - Journey Times

Appendix G - Air Quality Assessment

Appendix H - Noise Assessment

Appendix I - Scenario 1 Output

Appendix J - Reference Case Outputs

Appendix K - Analysis of Traffic Flow Changes Resulting from Mitigation Strategy

December 2018
014Water Quality AssessmentAugust 2018
033Coastal West Sussex Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation AssessmentOctober 2018
Secondary Evidence
015Chichester Harbour AONB Management Plan 2019 - 2024September 2018
016Chichester Historic Environment Strategy and Action PlanFebruary 2017
017Chichester Tomorrow - A Vision for Chichester City CentreFebruary 2018
018Employment Land Review Update 20132013
019Employment Land Review 20092009
020Goodwood Noise ReportDecember 2017
021Local Strategic Statement 2January 2016
022North Solent Shoreline Management PlanDecember 2010
023Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve Management Plan 2013 - 20182013
024Solent Recreation Mitigation StrategyDecember 2017
025West Sussex Transport PlanFebruary 2011
Background Papers
026Economic Development and EmploymentJanuary 2019
027Horticultural Development AreasDecember 2018
028HousingJanuary 2019


Appendix 1 - Proposed Retail Policy Areas

Appendix 2 - Retail Monitoring Spreadsheet

December 2018

Settlement Boundaries

Appendix 1

December 2018
031Settlement HierarchyDecember 2018

Strategic Wildlife Corridors

Appendix 1 - Forest Research Methodology

Appendix 2 - Westbourne chalk streams to Compton tributaries Biodiversity Opportunity Area

Appendix 3 - Fishbourne and chalk streams Biodiversity Opportunity Area

Appendix 4 - West of City Proposed Strategic Wildlife Corridor Map

Appendix 5 - East of City Proposed Strategic Wildlife Corridor Map

December 2018