Timeline of the Local Plan Review 



Stage 1 - Summer 2017We invited you to complete a questionnaire in June 2017, to help us develop our Preferred Approach. These responses have helped us to draft the next stage of the plan.
Stage 2 - Winter 2018 / Early 2019We invited you to comment on the Local Plan: Preferred Approach. We also asked other interested parties such as developers and authorities responsible for roads, health and education services to provide us with feedback.
Stage 3 - Summer 2019We consider feedback from stage 2 and propose further changes. This is then shared with you and other interested parties for further comments, before submitting the Local Plan to the Government for independent examination.
Stage 4 - Autumn 2019A independent Planning Inspector will be appointed to examine our plan and report on their findings.
Stage 5 - Estimated 2020Once the Inspector is happy with it, we will then formally adopt the Local Plan. It's only at this stage that the Local Plan Review will finally replace the current Local Plan.