South Downs Holiday Village update

Just over a month ago, we were made aware that the South Downs Holiday Village was being used to accommodate agricultural workers.

Following our investigations, we issued a Breach of Condition Notice on the management agents, Cre8, and the owners, Seaward Properties This required the management agents, Cre8, to stop using the holiday accommodation for residential purposes within 28 days (from the day the notice was served).

The management agents, Cre8, have now submitted a planning application for a change of use of the site, to allow them to use the site to accommodate agricultural workers. This was received within the 28 day notice period.

As a consequence, it would not be expedient to pursue further enforcement action at this stage. Further action will therefore be held in abeyance pending the decision on the planning application.

The planning application, once validated, will appear on our website and will be available for the public to view and comment on. It will be given careful consideration by the council and will follow the normal planning application process.

Date: 13 June 2017