Max Long, 26, was caught after a member of the public spotted the dumped material in Chilgrove Road last August and reported it to Chichester District Council.

When examining the fly tip, council officers found paperwork among the debris which enabled the enforcement officer to trace the material back to the homeowners. The homeowners were then able to confirm that they had paid Mr Long to remove and replace the roof.

Mr Long was interviewed under caution and admitted the offence. He agreed to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice of £400.

"In the last three years, the council has spent more than £142,000 clearing away illegally dumped waste, and that doesn't include removing harmful material such as asbestos," says Louise Rudziak, Head of Environment and Housing Services at Chichester District Council. "What some people may not realise is that everyone, including both householders and businesses, is responsible for making sure waste is disposed of safely and legally. If you have not taken all reasonable measures to ensure your waste is being disposed of legally and you give your waste to someone who is not authorised to take it or your waste is fly tipped, you - as well as the fly tipper - could be prosecuted or issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

"We would advise all householders and businesses to check thoroughly before paying an individual or a company to take their waste away. We recommend that people note down the name of the waste carrier plus their address and check with the Environment Agency that they are registered to carry waste. We also recommend noting down the details of who collects the waste, a description of the vehicle and registration and what material is being taken on the day of removal in case it is found dumped at a later date."

Asbestos is a particularly difficult material to dispose of because it is extremely harmful and it also costs more to dispose of. During the financial year 2015 - 2016 Chichester District experienced 30 fly tipping incidents involving asbestos and the council spent an additional £10,000 disposing of this material alone. This year it has already spent £15,000 on clearing asbestos.

You can check whether a waste carrier is legally registered

Date of release: 10 April 2017

Reference: 3712