Malcolm Joyce, 58, of Wadeway, Selsey pleaded guilty to the breach of his caravan licence during a hearing at Worthing Magistrates Court on 3 February.

Chichester District Council's Licensing Team decided to take action after receiving complaints from neighbours that the area around the caravan was becoming an eyesore and breaching the terms of the individual plot licence.

The team worked with Mr Joyce over several years to advise him on how to maintain the plot and keep within the licence terms.

During this time, Mr Joyce regularly allowed various materials to accumulate including pallets and building materials, scrap metal and other household debris. This gave rise to general concerns about safety on the site.

The amount of material being stored in the parking area resulted in vehicles being parked in the road on a regular basis. This caused access issues for other caravan owners and also raised concerns about emergency vehicle access.

Chichester District Council felt that tougher action was needed after its licensing officers visited the site last autumn and found that the state of the plot had once again deteriorated.

Mr Joyce was prosecuted under the Caravan Sites & Control of Development Act 1960. He was ordered to pay a fine of £250, a victim surcharge of £30 plus a £250 contribution towards prosecution costs. 

"Every effort has been made by our licensing officers to help Mr Joyce avoid this situation," says Councillor Carol Purnell, Cabinet Member for Housing and Environment Services at Chichester District Council. "Because of the length of time this has been going on, the council felt that there was no other option but to prosecute. I hope this sends a strong message that we will take action where licensing breaches occur."

Date of release: 28 February 2017

Reference: 3700