Chichester District Council's cabinet was told at today's meeting that its contract services team was delivering an outstanding service, which was both efficient and effective.

The Chichester Contract Services team is based in Westhampnett and is responsible for recycling and waste collections; street cleaning; looking after the parks and gardens; providing a workshop and MOTs; public conveniences and the cemetery service.

Achievements highlighted included:

  • improving recycling rates in 2016 from 39.9% to 43.3%;

  • being ranked as 35 out of 229 waste authorities for its dry recycling levels;

  • recycling contamination levels are some of the lowest - currently at 4.9%;

  • collecting the highest amount of green waste per household compared to its neighbouring authorities;

  • offering some of the lowest bulky household waste charges, compared to its neighbouring authorities;

  • providing a very efficient service to its customers;

  • providing a high standard of street cleansing, particularly in the city centre and other areas of high footfall; and,

  • maintaining parks and gardens across the district to a very high standard.

The team has also arranged to work at night to clean the A27 trunk road after new guidance for safe working on the highway was released. This is expensive, but necessary. A thorough deep clean of the section of road within the council's borders has almost been completed and so far, 465 bags of litter have been cleared from the verges.

"The council regularly reviews its services to make sure that we are continuing to provide cost effective and quality services to our residents. In the current economic climate it is vitally important that we do this, to make sure that we are offering best value to our taxpayers," says Cllr Roger Barrow, Cabinet Member for Contract Services at Chichester District Council.

"I am really pleased that this review has recognised the hard work and dedication shown by Chichester Contract Services. They work tirelessly to deliver vital services on a daily basis to the people of our district. They have also made huge strides over the past year to improve recycling rates and the efficiency of the services that they provide.

"This review has confirmed that we should continue to operate this service in-house due to its efficiency and level of service. We will now use this process to build on the areas that could be further improved."

Date of Release: 07 February 2017
Reference: 3694